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allgood33's Journal
allgood33's Journal
March 26, 2019

It could be that Barr may well regret his misleading summary being weaponized by Trump.

This may actually be a career ender for Barr when all of this plays out. I believe the GOP, Barr, and Trump are not giving the voters who are not among Trump's rabbit base the credit they deserve for being able to see through the wanton lawlessness of the Trumpians. The Barr, too cute by far summary, may end up being the final straw to break the hold the GOP and Trump hold over our nation and its institutions.

March 26, 2019

OMG! Lindsay is an even greater maggot than even I thought.

It turns out that he has stood by while Trump trashed McCain for turning over the dossier to the FBI when, in fact, Lindsay was shown the dossier and advised and encouraged McCain to turn it over to the FBI.

Lindsay is almost bragging about his role in getting McCain to turn it over. Yet Trump continues to blame McCain alone for this. Not only that, both Lindsay and Trump continue to smear the dossier, 90% of which has been proved to be true.

Every chance the 2020 Democratic candidates are asked at Town Hall meetings about the Mueller report they should be well prepared to explain that the dossier has mostly turned out to be true and the rest has not been verified as false. I do not suggest that any of our candidates should bring the Mueller report up on their own. Just be prepared with the facts to respond to any questions that might come up.

But for sure, they all should hit both Lindsay and Trump for the nasty and continued smearing of a dead veteran.

March 26, 2019

Barr now bears on his shoulders the final results of the outcome of his biased misleading

statements about the Mueller report. He has allowed the report to be wrongly weaponized. We all saw and heard the basis for collusion and or conspiracy in plain sight from Trump and his minions. Now Trump has turned this legitimate investigation to be turned into a grand distraction from getting our government to fix what needs to be fixed to prevent future interference into our elections. The new mantra from the GOP and Trump should be Make America Cheat Again.

March 26, 2019

Grandma used to tell us your character is shown by the company you keep.

So does this apply to Mueller and his friend Barr? Anyone think Mueller is pissed right about now? If he is, he should go public with comments to straighten out Barrs false ascertaions.

March 25, 2019

Trump and the GOP will overplay their scrummy hands. Wait for it. Lindsay has started.

i do not believe voters will appreciate the vindictiveness that is churning among the Trumpians inside and outside government.

March 25, 2019

Can the House call before it anyone who testified before the Grand Jury?

I thought that a witness before a Grand Jury could talk about what they themselves testified to?

March 25, 2019

Stay focused, Dems. Get that legislation going.

Do not lose the legislative agenda.

March 25, 2019

The apparent results of Mueller's investigation is more personally serious than I imagined.

My 92-year old aunt who lives with us, is so depressed about it that she says that she is so depressed she sees no reason to go on. She is a stroke survivor who diligently stays on her iPad because she is practically confined to her bed. I went in to give her breakfast this morning and she looked terrible and so down. She is usually cheeful and talkative about all kinds of issues. You wouldn't believe she has had two by-pass operations since age 78 and had a stroke after the second one at the age of 80. She still has a great mind and keeps it active using her 6-year old iPad.

I feel so sad for her as well as the pangs of disappointment I feel myself. She said this is nearly as bad as she felt in November of of 2016. i am trying to cheer her up but she can tell, I am sure, that my heart is not in it. I hope the Soaps take her mind off of it.

March 25, 2019

Sara says the investigation was shameful. Like the Democrats called for a Special Prosecutor.

It was Comey's firing that instigated the Special Prosecutor. A GOP Deputy AG chose Mueller who is also a GOP. Winning is just not enough for these scumbags. Trump has attacked his on appointees over and over again. It appears that the media and Trumpians are allowing Trump to have it both ways...all ways, always.

If we cannot get the full report that should be a qualifiers for intelligent voters all ove the country. That has to be the deal-braker to vote or not to vote for Trump (his uninformed red base aside.)

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