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Baked Potato

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Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 03:53 PM
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Princess, Princess, Call My Name

Princess, Princess, Call My Name

Princess, Princess, call my name
Nasty question say me blame
What I do now, daddy girl?
Itchy, coughy, maybe hurl

Princess, Princess, love me so
Meany Biden tell me go
Say me failure, shake him head
All them people wish I dead

Princess, Princess, what I do?
Whisper secret, trust in you
Tell me finish, golf I play?
No no rally, home I stay

Princess, Princess, press to me
Super secret plan it be
China virus treat me right
Out of prison stay I might

Here's Why Big Christianity Will Back Trump and Republicans Forever

Hereís Why Big Christianity Will Back Trump and Republicans Forever

The Christian Right believe people in the US and the world are protected by the hand of Trump, acting as a servant of God. They believe that a trust in God and prayer ward off demons. These demons can be anyone or any realism which is against Trump or against Republican values and reasoning, or other so-called deeply held religious beliefs. The demons can also include an unfortunate or untimely disease. To protect Trump, these demons and truths must be denied as lies, fake, or simply a hoax.

God will protect them, they hope, if they act sincere and pray in earnest. Thatís why they donít believe CoronaVirus is going to hurt them. Trump knows this and exploits their religiosity for his own gain. The believers know Trump is despicable. But, they also think God is using Trump and believe Trump will protect them. They believe Jesusí hand will heal them through Trump.

Donald Trumpís core believers are in a conundrum. If Jesus loves them, why did He send them Trump, a man who embodies every sin imaginable? They support Trump *because* he is so bad. Supporters think Trump must be certainly legitimate, because their God, ďa loving and caring GodĒ, would not forsake them and allow a religious imposter as President, while they overlook him being bad to the core. They believe Trump has cleverly cloaked himself in sin to be mesmeric and enable him to get chosen as the savior.

Trump is terrible, they believe, because thatís the way God *wants* it. They believe it takes a terrible man to beat down a terrible threat. The terrible threat to them are nonbelievers and others they are conditioned to believe are bad. The nonbelievers and undesirable people can be anybody they conjure up in their heads as not deserving to be treated as a human. We know these non-humans, to them, are the immigrants and the homeless and non-white and the LGBT community. And, the Democrats.

To Trumpís sycophants, Democrats are the Devil and they believe the Devil must be defeated under any circumstances, or by any means. They believe God sent them Trump, with all his faults, to accomplish that mission. And, they believe that for Trump to fail, it would mean they have personally failed as well. And, that failure would be unbearable to them. To have Trump fail would mean God and Christianity itself has failed, and that would mean everything they deeply believe is wrong.

The Trump believers will do anything to support Trump because in their eyes Trump is an agent of God and must be helped to perfect Godís plan. To fail Trump is to fail their God and all humanity. Anything or anyone that stands in their or Trumpís way, is an enemy. Even the Truth is now the enemy, and they are committed to Trump, and will never believe otherwise. Trump and his ilk know they can control the ďtruthĒ through religion. ďTruthĒ is what people believe as fact, not necessarily fact itself.

What is the way forward? The way is to not give up or give in. Donít be tricked or cajoled into fighting dirty. Thatís what they want because it reinforces their belief Democrats are bad. The religious right are masters at deception and deceit. The Right Wing controls vast sums of money, and thus a vast people. They have the means and motivation to carry on toward their belief and ultimate goal that only Armageddon or a total world calamity will shock a non-believing world into their thinking. We can be fierce and strong fighters, but also be righteous, decent, and morally upright.

The power of people to control their own destiny is being whittled away. The ultimate fear of the religious right is a fear that the very people they have hurt and oppressed will rise up and destroy them. They oppress, but convince their followers that they are the oppressed ones. We fight back with a peaceful, but massive assemblage of patriots and citizens who cherish decency and Democracy. We fight back with a stern resolve to not allow any freedom to be taken away under the guise of religion, or the workings of a false Messiah.

Trump is ruling using the time tested Republican tactic of fear. The fanatical religious right and the oligarchs loathe Trump, but will use him until he is no longer a viable tool. Trump uses racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia for control. So, we fight back against those enemies of Democracy and decency. We elect women and men, regardless of ethnicity or gender or sexuality. We vote and help others to register and vote. We also may have deeply held beliefs, and those beliefs may include a god or higher being. Democrats are inclusive and open to all people. Together, we are the supreme and perfect champions! Together, we will win!
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