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RePost: President Trump Shits on Rank and File Military Personnel

An OP posted in February, 2020.

President Trump Shits on Rank and File Military Personnel

Trump is relying solely on his nuclear arsenal and the command thereof as leverage on the world stage. He is a danger to National Security because he canít quickly muster American support for US boots on the ground, let alone muster an international coalition to support America in time of need.

The President knows, as a dishonorable Commander in Chief, he doesnít have an absolute and unquestionable backing to fight a war. It takes a decent, moral leader to convince the American people and itís precious military to rally and take up arms for a just cause.

Military members are naturally loyal to America and one another, and to be a strong, cohesive force, this loyalty must move up the chain of command all the way to the President. Sadly, and tragically, loyalty stops at President Trump. Time and time again, Trumpís actions towards the troops have been disgustingly disrespectful and disloyal.

These are four virtues an ethical leader should possess, as theorized by Aristotle, with a nod to Socrates and Plato:

Prudence- The habit of choosing the right means to a worthy end. Reasoning.

Justice- The habit of rendering his/her rights. Legal justice. Patriotism.

Temperance- The habit of moderation in use of pleasurable things. Modesty. Dignity.

Fortitude- habit of restraining fear or moderation of rash behavior in the face of danger or difficulty. Patience.

The President possesses none of even the basic virtues or values needed to unite Americans in time of peril or peace, or even to effectively govern. His transactional personality and leadership style breeds division and back stabbing, and promotes self-enrichment.

Trump speaks to the worst human conditions and gleefully rewards those who emulate and praise him, while he berates and criticizes good, honest and patriotic Americans. His underlings must truckle under his worst demands or suffer public humiliation.

He knows our American military will obey his commands, but he also knows itís not because they want to, rather they are honorable and sworn to it. Unlike Trump, our patriotic troops love their country and respect the Constitution and obey their oaths.

Rank and file members know they are not Trumpís private security. They know their loyalty and allegiance is to each other and the Constitution and America, not to a temporary, in-name-only Commander. The President has squandered Americaís confidence of government to protect national security.

President Trump is untrustworthy and has been shown to act solely on impulse and makes any decision grounded in self dealing, not grounded in the security of all Americans. Trump makes all directives based on what course of action will first benefit him personally and financially, not based on whatís good for America.

Posted by Baked Potato | Thu Jun 4, 2020, 09:07 AM (4 replies)
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