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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2018, 12:08 PM
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Just gonna lay this out here...Cam Cole

Portishead - Wandering Star

Good night DU...the last 30 seconds are simply surreal...heading off to the blackness of dreams.

Portishead - Glory Box

Still fresh...way ahead of its time.

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes - Beck

Just gonna lay this one out here...because I need your lovin'

Uriah Heep - Return to Fantasy.

Saturday Night Album Rock - Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The album was praised for integrating musical styles from several aspects of the band's career.[3][4] The album gained the band seven Grammy Award nominations in 2007 including an award for Best Rock Album and one for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package. Winning five out of seven Grammy Awards,[5] it was the most nominations that the band had garnered in its 24-year career. Rolling Stone has included the album on its list of Best Albums of the 2000s.[6] Kiedis attributed the album's success to less abrasive dynamics within the band, saying that the band's "chemistry, when it comes to writing, is better than ever. There was always a struggle to dominate lyrically. But we are now confident enough in who we are, so everybody feels more comfortable contributing more and more valuable, quality stuff."


16 years ago in China, I met a future MAGAT, at the time he called himself a Neocon.

I was with my wife and son on a day trip to the Great Wall. We had a wonderful day eating and meeting new friends as we made our way to the destination. On our way to the Great Wall, my wife took the time to teach me the one simple phrase that would spare me the constant harassment of the many vendors leading up to the entrance, b yo. "Not Want" in Mandarin.

While the phrase did help, many of the vendors spoke fairly good English and lots of them said I was being tricky and obviously had just learned that phrase. They were right and I winked at them knowingly, always with a smile and stopping once to make a small purchase at one vendor. I got a minor token and tipped generously, which my wife immediately admonished me for since we had to make the gauntlet on the way back down and word would spread of the generous Gweilo.

We got to the wall and my son took off and began the 10,000 or so steps to the top of the wall at this particular area. It was a well known part of the wall to the north of Beijing. When I say 10,000 steps, I am not exaggerating...my son was way ahead of me and it damn near killed me trying to keep up and not lose sight of him, lol.

View from the top

On the way home we were tired, but still full of excitement, talking with all our new found friends. One fellow, asked me if there was any truth to the story that the election was stolen and Al Gore should have won. I began to explain the whole debate and discuss all the theories of the day (as there were many). The Chinese fellow was very polite and well informed. A gentleman from Paris joined into the discussion as well. At one point I made the comment that the Republican party was known for trying any trick in the book to win, even if it meant cheating.

Well, little did I know that future MAGAT had been listening the whole time and he could no longer take anymore. An American turned toward me and shouted, "Hey, you should watch what you say about America in a foreign country. It is unpatriotic to talk that way to foreigner's. The election was not stolen, there is no proof."

I looked at the man and could see immediately that he was a Neocon Christian Republican. He had a 2 inch gold circular pendant with Jesus on the cross. My new friends and I were stunned. I looked at this man and said.

"There is plenty of proof, you just have to look." He got angry and said, "Just stop talking about our country like that, you're an American, have some pride and show a better image."

I shot back, "Funny, an American in China, telling another American to be silent...mind your own business." Well, this pissed him off and he told me to shut up, but just sat there fuming after that remark.

I turned to my new friends and ignored the MAGAT wannabe and said, "This is why Al Gore conceded the election, he felt that to further challenge the election and get to the bottom of the fraud would damage our democracy as there needs to be a peaceful transition of power and the right does not believe in peace."

My new friends just nodded in agreement and we moved on to discuss the day of wonder and fun.

So that is my story of the day a MAGAT tried to silence me in China. The Chinese people are truly a beautiful people and everyone I met was extremely generous and kind. All of them wanted to know more about democracy and freedom of speech. I gladly talked to anyone who would listen. Never fear, the rest of the world knows the truth, MAGATs are evil and democracy is tenuous.

We must hold fast. We must never let them win.


Greta Van Fleet - Live at Red Rocks (September 24th, 2019)

Friday Night Rock Concert!

This is not a quick hit...But the concert is incredible. GVF is the real deal.

Sir, your time has expired!

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