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Member since: Fri Dec 21, 2018, 06:34 PM
Number of posts: 398

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Ted Cruz may have finally gone too far

Not only did he abandon his constituents to fend for themselves, he left his dog in a freezing house.

Its one thing to ignore your voters, but anyone who mistreats animal's is definitely on most people's shit list.

New Years resolution was a sober January

After todays event I think we all need a drink.

Start again tomorrow. Last year has been a little stressful.

Any bets on when Dipshit invokes the Insurrection Act?

7pm He can't wait to do it.

How do. I xpost from another subject?

NPR Interviews author of recent Atlantic article re Oath Keepers

Read it in the magazine or better find the podcast. Will make your skin crawl. These guys are ready to start putting down as they see it a "insurrection " by BLM, antifa and general public protesters.

Have been praying for divine intervention

With increasing numbers of senators testing positive, the orange one in the hospital. Maybe just maybe we can get through the next few weeks without SCJ being seated.

I know my prayers have been answered when turtle is defeated (fingers crossed), and Biden wins in a overwhelming blowout.

So, anybody deciding its time to arm themselves?

I was raised in a family that hunts. Not passionate about killing anything that moves. But it is a reason to hang out with my relatives and longtime family friends.
Tell stories we have all heard in the past. Swap jokes,take each others money in poker, drink too much. Bring the younger ones along to introduce them to the culture.

Believe me. Animals are rarely in danger with this crowd.

But recent events over the last few years have finally pushed me to purchase handguns. Never liked the idea but my wife convinced me that the RW is plainly overboard nuts.

We have all seen how crazy these people are with the talk of civil war. No one on the left talks like this that I have ever heard.

What i find deeply disturbing is there is NO ammunition to be had. The shelves are cleared out. These people are getting ready.

In talking with people in the gun culture they assume I'm one of them. I guess I look the part with the covid buzz cut. But the stuff that they spout off about so freely is really revealing. Scary, reaffirmation that perhaps I made the right decision.

Is anyone else rethinking their stance on firearms?

Post script
I'd like to thank everyone for the thought provoking responses.

Some folks understood the point i was raising, some just reacted without much thought. Was expecting to get flamed, wasn't as bad as i expected.

Stay safe

Macintosh 1983

Cleaning out a household and found a mac. Dot matrix printer, cpu no keyboard. Manual dated 1983.

Is there a market for this? Hate to toss it. Not into old electronics.

Wonder what Hunter S Thompson would have to say?

Became aware reading HST in rolling stone during the 72 campaign. Always had an astute opinion on the political scene. Could cut through the bullshit like a knife.

While the most important thing is to vote Drump out

We really need to focus on keeping the house and taking the Senate. Remove his enablers and hamstring his administration should he god forbid get reelected.
Starting with Moscow Mitch.

Please donate to the campaign of your choice.
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