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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 01:19 PM
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Don't sorry about media "calling it" - we won and we've known since Wednesday.

This is all political theater for ratings.

Their calls don’t matter - the votes do. We won. We’ve known we had the votes since Wednesday.

Coloring the Map: Land Doesn't Vote - People Do

For far too long we've allowed the Republicans to publish their nationwide maps showing them with vast swaths of land colored red and tiny islands of blue sprinkled about. We need to change that perception by presenting that data in a more visually accurate and appealing format.

Each county is represented by a dot that is sized to represent the number of people in that county and not the landmass of that county.


Which groups focus on GOTV for us in GA?

I want to send some cash to GA for the senate runoff elections and want it to go to getting out the vote - not to advertising agencies and media companies.

Does anyone know which are the best groups I can look at and donate to?

Any Stacey Abrams associated groups?

To the people saying The Lincoln Project was worthless

1. Would you rather have had all those devastating ads crafted to target Joe instead of Trump?

2. Look at GA. Looking like at least 100,000 people who voted for Perdue (R) voted for Biden. Without them GA would have been called for Trump two days ago.

Supreme Court isn't going to save Trump.

There is no way in hell. They’re all conscious of the implications in tarnishing the reputation of their institution. They might do it for someone establishment and if they didn’t have to go too far out on a limb like in 2000, but not for Trump and not like this.

They’re not going to throw away Biden votes to give Trump the keys to the castle. Mark my words now, SCOTUS is going to tell Trump to get fucked.

Things are about to get very tense.

Many months ago Trump began planting the seeds of doubt in his base about the validity of the election and more specifically mail in ballots. He has been marinating them in misinformation and now they are ripe.

He has already begun to say that the election is being stolen in front of their very eyes.

I predicted weeks ago that Trump would incite violence with a tweet to the effect of:


There are going to be nearly 70 million people who voted for him when they’re all counted. If even 1 half of 1 percent take up arms on his behalf we are talking about 350,000 armed and angry people across the country.

Please be prepared for the next few weeks.

Edit: I’m not saying there will be a civil war or that this will impact Biden being sworn in. I’m saying we are going to see a surge in right wing domestic terrorism and violence.

I present to you, The Trump Voter


Chill out, my dudes.

Do the math. PA is going to go to Biden. Everyone can see the numbers. Every Dem staffer in PA is saying Biden is gonna win handily.

This is done. Relax, let them count the votes and call the race.

Outstanding ballots in PA?

Reporter just said about 100k left in Philly, 160k in the rest of the state. That would be far less than we need to overcome and doesn’t coincide with what I’ve been seeing.

Does anyone have official resource to see real numbers?

Remember when Biden's campaign manager - Jen O'Malley Dillon - said the polls were wrong?

I remember. She said their internals were MUCH tighter than the public polls were showing, but that they were still narrowly ahead in battleground states.

There were so many folks here who blew her off and dismissed her warning as just trying stop people from getting complacent.

Well look at us now - record turnout and lo and behold she was exactly right.

I hope anyone who was badmouthing her for the warnings is eating crow (or at least giving her a heartfelt apology!)

It looks like JOE IS GOING TO WIN!! But my God, just barely.
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