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Kid Berwyn

Kid Berwyn's Journal
Kid Berwyn's Journal
December 10, 2023

Dennis Prager is no authority on any subject., apart from fraud.

Einstein used his time here to learn and share as much as possible. For instance:

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom
this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder
and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

Source: https://www.ime.usp.br/~vwsetzer/jokes/Einstein-Quotes.html

December 9, 2023

Thank you.

Blue sky, say…

First Round: Start out with a minute each: “Why do you want to be President?”

Air responses live and make their answers available via online archives.

A Popular vote, perhaps by party registration or for election by field) would whittle candidates down by half.

Second Round: Mebbe 90 seconds: “What are your qualifications for the job and why should people support you?”

Air responses live and make their answers available via online archives.

A Popular vote would whittle candidates down by half.

Third Round: Mebbe two minutes: “What would be your priorities as President of the United States?”

Air responses live and make their answers available via online archives.

A Popular vote would whittle candidates down by half.

And so on. Proceed to point where there would be a dozen candidates or so from each of the major parties and a dozen or so independents.

Continue with the air-time, questions (asking each the same and recording responses independently) and Popular voting until three candidates (D, R, I) remain then give them a lot of air time for a two-week campaign.

Its do-able and would eliminate the currently all-important fundraising nature for election. Personally, I hope it also would eliminate the undue influence of the wealthy in politics.

December 9, 2023

Hunter Biden: "What they're trying to do is kill me."

Via The Guardian. Sorry it’s a twitter, but the point is too important to miss.


December 9, 2023

2016 they gave Trump billions.

Donald Trump Rode $5 Billion in Free Media to the White House

Donald Trump didn't spend nearly as much on advertising as typical presidential candidates, and he didn't have to -- he relied on billions of dollars in free earned media instead.

Emily Stewart
The Street, November 20, 2016

Donald Trump didn't spend nearly as much on advertising as typical presidential candidates, and he didn't have to -- he relied on billions of dollars of free mentions in media ranging from major TV news networks to Buzzfeed and Twitter instead.

The real estate magnate got $4.96 billion in free earned media in the year leading up to the presidential election, according to data from tracking firm mediaQuant. He received $5.6 billion throughout the entirety of his campaign, more than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio combined.

"You have Donald Trump coming along and getting all this coverage without spending a dime," said Paul Senatori, chief analytics officer at Portland-based mediaQuant.

Over the past 12 months, the president-elect received more than $800 million in free earned broadcast media, compared to $666 million for Clinton, and $2.6 billion in free earned online news attention, compared to $1.6 billion for his rival. He edged out her and other major political names in American and worldwide newspapers as well.

To arrive at its estimates, mediaQuant tracks the coverage of each candidate and calculates dollar values based on advertising rates of the media in which the article or news broadcast appears. It weights mentions by the reach of the source (meaning how many people are likely to see it) and includes various mediums, including print, broadcast, online news, blogs and social. It makes adjustments based on sentiment, segment and search metrics.



Otherwise, America might never would have known about Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, Trump Ties…And the treasonous turd won.
December 8, 2023

Since November 22, 1963

A year back, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of LIFE magazine and its role in photojournalism. The section on their coverage of JFK’s assassination seems to me was less Camelot and more Orwell. They printed stills from the Zapruder film in the wrong order, creating the impression JFK’s body moved forward, in support of “Lone Gunman Lee Harvey Oswald” shooting him from behind.

Here’s a picture:

Pictures making a bigger picture, a false story. And the truth? Who knows? Without it, the day will come when no one will remain who cares. And the traitors will win.

December 7, 2023

Today they're ''Trump Davidians''

Back in the Old DU day…

Know your BFEE: The Fellowship ‘Preys’ for America

Lots of history linking our then to now.

ETA the most important part: Your wonderful Mom was spot-on about the coming world.

November 16, 2023

''Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.''

Sounding like a threatening NAZI doesn't make one a real life NAZI, but it is a sign.

Conspiracy theorists have a long history of using terms like "inside job" and "false flag" to describe tragic events, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre of 2012 (which Infowars' Alex Jones claimed was really a conspiracy against gunowners). The January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol Building has been a major focus of conspiracy theorists as well —including Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana), who claimed, without evidence, that the FBI helped engineer that attack during a House Homeland Security Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 15.

Questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray, the far-right MAGA congressman claimed there is a "tremendous amount of evidence" of FBI involvement. And Higgins pushed Wray for details on the FBI's "confidential human sources at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6 here in D.C."


When Wray said he was unfamiliar with the term "ghost busses," Higgins replied, "It's a vehicle that's used for secret purposes."

The MAGA congressman told the Homeland Security Committee, "This is a very significant hearing, Mr. Chairman. And these busses are nefarious in nature and were filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters deployed onto our Capitol on January 6. And your day is coming, Mr. Wray."



Ghost busses of phony NAZIs came to Washington to act NAZI in order to discredit NAZIs makes as much sense as anything the GOP has come up with since Reagan and Poppy treasoned their way into office.

November 15, 2023

Only 1 Commissioned US Navy Ship Currently Held Captive By Another Country

There's Only Commissioned US Navy Ship That's Currently Being Held Captive By Another Country

by Samantha Franco
November 14, 2023

The USS Pueblo (AGER-2) was taken by the enemy during a time when the US military was deeply involved in the Vietnam War. The United States, hesitant to become involved in yet another conflict, left the crew to grapple with the consequences. They endured a challenging 11 months in captivity, facing harsh treatment at the hands of the North Koreans, but ultimately succeeded in securing their return home. Unfortunately, the ship remains in captivity to this day.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/there-s-only-commissioned-us-navy-ship-that-s-currently-being-held-captive-by-another-country/ss-AA1jVHJ9

For some reason, when he visited North Korea, instead of demanding the ship's release, the idiot "pee-resident" Donald J Trump saluted the bastards holding her:

November 14, 2023

America lost more than 400,000 men and women fighting NAZIs in World War II.

And today, a neo-NAZI wants to be President. Again. It's not irony, it's power and greed.

These 15 'un-American' Trump proposals are attacking 'basic principles of the Constitution': analysis

by Alex Henderson
Alternet.org, November 14, 2023


Words like "outlandish" and "unhinged" have long been used to describe Trump's ideas. But in a listicle published on August 13, The Atlantic's David A. Graham stresses that ideas Trump has been pushing on the campaign trial go way beyond "outlandish" — they are attacking the U.S. Constitution itself.


Graham cites 15 examples of "dangerous and stunning" ideas Trump is pushing.

Trump, Graham notes, (1) "promised to destroy the federal government as we know it," (2) "argued that a presidential candidate should be immune from prosecution," (3) "insulted and attempted to intimidate judges, prosecutors, witnesses, and others," (4) "continued to claim that the election was stolen," (5) "excused the January 6 riot," and (6) "entertained pardoning himself."

Graham goes on to say that Trump: (7) "menaced American Jews for not voting for him," (8) "suggested executing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley," (9) "accused NBC of treason and threatened to pull it off the air," (10) "Promised to lock up political opponents," and (11) "recommended extrajudicial executions."

Trump, Graham adds, also: (12) "called for a judge overseeing his case to be prosecuted," (13) "told voters not to bother voting," (14) "celebrated the antidemocratic strongman Viktor Orbán," and (15) "promised to indict Joe Biden."

SOURCES: https://www.alternet.org/trump-2666262441/

Trump Isn't Merely Unhinged


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