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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: NC
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Thu May 9, 2019, 02:56 PM
Number of posts: 72

About Me

I'm an old white guy - born in Seattle, moved to Mobile in my youth, moved to NC 20+ years ago. I'm an identical twin (!) and was in the printing trade for 20+ years. That's where my CMYK handle comes from. It stands for Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/blacK (we don't use B for black 'cause most people would think 'blue'.) Those three subtractive colors + black are how the full color photos in any magazine/catalog/poster are printed. In the late stages of my printing career, I chose a new path - went to school and became a licensed massage therapist. I had a great practice for several years, but after a while, giving bodywork to others became hard on my own (now arthritic) body. So now I'm a real estate broker in Western NC. I'm married, have yours/mine/and ours children (all grown) and four grandchildren. Oh, and I can't listen to John Lennon's Imagine without my eyes getting a little moist.

Journal Archives

May I submit a photo for the spring contest?

Is it too early? I have read many articles on du, but this will be new for me....haven't used message boards, don't know how/who to ask
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