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Member since: Wed May 29, 2019, 10:56 PM
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Bring in Andrew Weissmann to testify.

Mr. Weissmann knows the report backwards and forwards because I think he wrote most of it.

His testimony would be very focused in identifying very clearly the elements of Trump's crimes and the facts that
support each of these elements.

The best way to nail Trump now is to make Mr. Weissmann the face of this investigation.

How can we move the Party more to the Left?

It's ridiculous to witness this reluctance of our Party to take the positive steps to the Left that we need to build
a society that provides Justice for ALL -- all, as in, everybody world-wide.

First step is for the Party to Impeach 45.

Second step, put a Progressive in the WH.

Third step, keep the Congress as Democrat.
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