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Joinfortmill's Journal
Joinfortmill's Journal
June 13, 2024

Lawrence:What did Mrs. Alito mean when invoking being German to those who come after her?

My Words: Looks like Mrs. Alito may be a Born Again Nazi.

'MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explores what Justice Alito's wife possibly meant when she invoked being German “to inspire fear in the people who, in her mind, come after her.” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse joins to discuss how Senate Republicans had a “hard time” defending why they blocked a Supreme Court ethics bill to hold justices accountable to a code of conduct.'
June 10, 2024

If you need a reminder of how important the November election is....


Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance

'Thirteen Senate Republicans have vowed that, in “retaliation” for the conviction of Donald Trump, they will not confirm any more federal judges or Biden appointees. The idea that a jury’s decision to convict a defendant in a state prosecution merits “retaliation” by Senate Republicans is nuts. Like every other defendant in a criminal case who gets convicted, Donald Trump can appeal to a higher court if he believes the verdict was in error. And Senate Republicans need a lesson in basic federalism if they think that refusing to confirm federal nominees has any impact on a local district attorney’s office....

Democrats in the Senate still hold a majority of sorts since Independents Bernie Sanders, Angus King, Kyrstin Sinema, and now Joe Manchin still caucus with them. It’s not clear that all of them will back all of the President’s nominees, but they should be able to confirm some of the pending nominees before the end of the administration, although it’s clear Republicans will try to make that as difficult as possible, trying to hold judicial seats open in hopes they can fill them themselves after the election...'

June 10, 2024

'...the construction of Project 2025' - This is scary shit, people.


My Words: Below is an excerpt from historian Heather Cox Richardson. I encourage you all to read it in it's entirety. This is very scary shit, people.

'Yesterday the Washington Post published an article by Beth Reinhard examining the philosophy and the power of Russell Vought, the hard-right Christian nationalist who is drafting plans for a second Trump term...Last month the Republican National Committee (RNC), now dominated by Trump loyalists, named Vought policy director of the RNC platform committee, the group that will draft a political platform for the Republicans...

Vought argues that the United States is in a “post constitutional moment” that “pays only lip service to the old Constitution.”...Vought calls for what he calls “Radical Constitutionalism” to destroy the power of the modern administrative state and instead elevate the president to supreme authority...

Journalist Reinhard points out that Trump strategist Steve Bannon recently praised Vought and his colleagues as “madmen” who are going to destroy the U.S. government. “We’re going to rip and shred the federal government apart, and if you don’t like it, you can lump it,” Bannon said...'
June 7, 2024

'Prosecutor's Tactics FAIL HARD In Hunter Biden Trial'


'As the defense begin its testimony today in Hunter Biden's illegal gun possession trial, Harry explains why the case was brought in the first place.'

My Words: An excellent analysis by Harry, who doesn't think much of this prosecution.
June 7, 2024

'Listen To Anita Hill Accuse Clarence Thomas'


My Words: She told us who he was.

'In October 1991, while the Senate Judiciary Committee was deliberating over the final vote on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill stepped forward with accusations of sexual harassment against Thomas. As a result, the committee held three days of investigative hearings. In her nationally televised and broadcast statement, Hill testifies about the alleged harassment.'

June 5, 2024

Wow. A Righteous Rant by Steve Schmidt about the WSJ lies about Joe Biden...


My Words: A must read in it's entirety, people. Here is just a taste.

Dishonest garbage at the Wall Street Journal

'Annie Linsky and Siobhan Hughes are Wall Street Journal Wall writers, who debased themselves, ethical journalism, WSJ sourcing standards and the reputation of the paper itself — which does its best to keep the Murdoch stench from, if not permeating, then saturating the entirety of its reputation....

The Linskey and Hughes story is a smear. It is constructed around the observations of Kevin McCarthy, a serial liar with no credibility whatsoever, and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who believes people and dinosaurs lived together 6,000 years ago. Also, he recently left his day job to role play as a Trump stooge in a Manhattan courtroom, where he debased the dignity of the United States Congress and the Office of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives with his presence...

The Biden White House and the country are under siege from a propaganda machine that is vast, powerful and unrelenting. It is non-stop, and it is fair to wonder what the plan might be to deal with it. One thing is for sure, the debate ahead will be monumental...'
June 4, 2024

Married to the Mob


'A new report reveals how lucrative life is for Trump witnesses whose silence may have been bought.' JAY KUO

'...A mob boss like Trump is head of a criminal enterprise, so when the authorities come calling, employees characteristically clam up. Sometimes they’re scared to talk, and sometimes they’re induced into silence...Today, I’ll lay out what ProPublica discovered and then address the most obvious question: Isn’t this highly illegal? Spoiler alert: The answer is yes, quite likely it is, but the next logical question is tougher. Is there enough to warrant further investigations and charges?

'Down the road, assuming Trump doesn’t regain the levers of power, it might finally be time to bring federal RICO charges against everyone in the Trump orbit who is grifting from the base, pressuring witnesses and laundering money. RICO exists as a way to get around the problem of criminal enterprises that leave no direct trail to the boss.'

My Words: Read the article to see the details of Trump buying silence.

June 4, 2024

LIVE: Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies on Justice Department oversight

'Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. His testimony comes after Republicans on the Judiciary and Oversight Committees voted to advance a contempt of Congress resolution against Garland after he denied their request for audio recordings regarding President Biden's classified documents case.'

Also on PBS:

June 2, 2024

'Sam Alito refuses to recuse -- because fuck you, that's why' JEFF TIEDRICH


My Words: Justice Samuel Alito aka 'Strip Search Sammy' You can't make this shit up, people. Well worth reading the entire article.

'here’s a fun, cool fact about Sam Alito — long before he was a shitty Supreme Court Justice, he was known as “Strip-Search Sammy.”..here’s how our man got his well-earned nickname.

back in 1998, cops in Pennsylvania were executing a drug raid. the suspect’s wife and ten-year-old daughter happened to be home at the time — and the cops decided it would be super fucking awesome to strip search them, too. because cops.

the family sued the police, because why the fuck wouldn’t they? and indeed, every judge on the appeals court unanimously agreed that strip searching a child was an extremely fucked-up thing to do — and also, a violation of the Fourth Amendment, since the child’s name was not on the search warrant...

no, wait — it wasn’t every judge on the appeals court. actually, there was one dissenting judge who was totally down with traumatizing a child. can you guess who that judge was?...if you said Sam Alito, congratulations."

June 1, 2024

'Apprentice Producer Exposes Trump's Incompetence, Racism'

'A former producer of The Apprentice is now spilling the tea about Donald Trump and how they manipulated the audience into thinking he was a great business man. Behind the scenes, the producer shares that Trump was incompetent, racist, and misogynistic.'

My Words: We all know that the 'image' created by this show helped create Trump's path to the White House. Watch to the end, people, this gal eviserates all the Trump Enablers.

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