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Disaffected's Journal
Disaffected's Journal
February 19, 2024

With all the issues associated with armaments delivery to Ukraine,

I'm wondering what the status is of the $300 billion or so frozen Russian assets that the Biden admin was trying to free up for Ukraine(?).

It was in a news a while ago and seemed ready to go but AFAIK, little more has been said about it.

February 6, 2024

In regard to recent v good news, I predict

Smellvis is about to turn into Yellvis.

Audible all the way from Mara Lardo....

January 29, 2024

"Right to Try" Drugs

Listened to a bit of Trump's Nevada rally diatribe and was struck in particular by his claim that "thousands" of lives have been saved by his Right to Try legislation (the "right" to make experimental phase one drugs available to terminally ill patients). A little investigation shows very much the opposite:


" A federal right to try law was passed in May 2018. Very little data is available about the number of patients who have used the right-to-try pathway, but available sources indicate that since the signing of the bill only a handful of patients have used this pathway to access experimental therapies, as most physicians and sponsors prefer the more traditional, FDA approved, Expanded Access route.[3] According to Scott Gottlieb, who served as commissioner of the FDA under President Donald Trump, the FDA had already approved 99% of patient requests for access to experimental drugs, either immediately over the phone or within a few days, prior to the passage of right to try legislation.[4]"

More BS from the BS King.

He also ranted on about "persecution" of Catholics while giving nothing on what such persecution actually consists of. What's with that??

January 5, 2024

Question about insurrection & Trump.

As I understand it, none of the Jan 6 rioters have been charged or convicted of insurrection. If so, how can Trump then be accused of the same thing?

I ask this as I still can't figure out how Trump can be then held to be in violation himself of the 14th amendment?

December 24, 2023

C-Span Washington Journal Open Forum

Anyone here listen to? I tune in quite regularly and am struck by the general tone of the callers on each line (Democrat, Republican and Independent). Am often left wondering if these callers are reflective of the general voting population in the US?

In all honesty, I hope not. Especially, not surprisingly, those who call on the Republican line.

December 7, 2023


Where are you (your mode seems to have suddenly vanished)?

December 7, 2023

What the heck is "poi pot(belly)"?

I've noticed "poi pot(belly)" now in several threads.

Should it be pol pot?

October 29, 2023

Trump Coasters

Presented to you by Donald's Rump. Get yours now:


Only 82 of 250 left!

October 19, 2023

Thread sorting.

Can we puleeze make the default thread sorting be Start Time rather than Last Reply?

Or, make the default an option?

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