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Gender: Female
Member since: Tue Aug 20, 2019, 08:10 AM
Number of posts: 89

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The U-S/Denmark Diplomatic Crisis, Summarized. (Humour)

Imaginary dialogue between Mette Fredericksen and MF45.

45- Hi, lovely lady and dear partner, ya know, I have a great idea. Do you really need Greenland?
MF- Well, hi Mr Trump. How are you doing?
45- Fine, but it's not the answer I'm waiting for. I'd just asked if you need Greenland, I want it because I like it, it's great and empty,, I want to built a great goldy Trump Tower over there.
MF-Mr Trump, I expected you were calling me to discuss your upcoming official travel to Copenhagen...
45- Answer my question, you liberal communist Muslim €€&@#(!
MF- Oh oh oh, you don't have to turn gross! I'm not selling Greenland, and certainly not to you. Do you know what sovereignty means?
45- Ehhhhh? Something meaning a king, a sovereign?
(A loud sigh can be heard from the end of the line in the Oval office)
MF-OK Mr Trump, I have to leave now. See you soon...
45- (Angry tone) WAIT! Why don't you call me Mr President?
MF- My heart tells me to call you an unkind nickname, but as I am an adult, be happy I call you Mr Trump
45-(begins to cry like a baby) So I... won't be coming at your party! You're not my friend anymore! You,..... You.... Are a NASTY GIRL! Melania, the lady is nasty BWAAAAAA!!!!

(Locking of the phone can be heard from Danemark)


A nice, realistic scene that can be replayed between any school teacher as Danish PM and any kindergarten kid.
Posted by IdealsAndReal42 | Thu Aug 22, 2019, 08:57 AM (0 replies)

Ending the far right populism in the Western World.

How to make it?
I 'd like to know your feelings about it.
IMO, it goes by reaching back to the lower middle class, what was used to be called the workers class, before mass Western loss of industrial jobs and its transformation into service based economy.
Let's look at the Yellow Vest movement following Macron policies and Le Pen surge , the Brexit, Salvini in Italy and of course Trump.
All of this political disasters have a nearly twin background that let them to unfold.
Mass resentment, economical... and cultural sense of insecurity.
However, the Western left parties choose to ignore it, and even pretended it didn't exist.
In the pivotal moment when industrial societies begun to vanish, left politicians focused on a promising new base, the people who were other than white and who worshipped other than Christianity.
Also, although as it was totally common decency to aknowledge Western worlds most horrific sins, such as slavery, wars, colonization, racism as rule of law, the self contrition has turned into a global finger pointing to anyone who doesn't fit into any box of progressism. By this, I mean, not only being white and poor, but also living in unglobalized areas (deep contrysides, unemployed stricken middle sized towns), sharing sense of belonging to a local place, not having a lot of diplomas....
So those people felt they were basically told, undirectly, they had to pay their ancestors sins, and therefore no right to fully belong to the society anymore, and you cannot find any better fuel for mass ressentment.
So the best way is to aknowledge this resentment, and going back to those parts of society. Telling them they still matter and showing it by actions of reaching, like reinvest in public service and jobs in those stricken areas, would be the best way to avoid them to keep jumping into far right arms in despair.

What do you feel about?
Posted by IdealsAndReal42 | Thu Aug 22, 2019, 08:26 AM (7 replies)

French Group Says It Has 10 Witnesses Of Epstein-linked Abuse.

French Group advocating children's rights and protection said it has ten witnesses of child abuse that took place in Paris, France. There Epstein would "entertain" his guests in a luxurious apartment near Champs-Élysées.
French government is opening an investigation over all the French part of Epstein pedophile sex trafficking scandal.
The more new elements are unfolding, the more I'm disgusted 🤢.
Hope the investigation will be done diligently and that it would not end in a cover up protecting the powerful.

Posted by IdealsAndReal42 | Thu Aug 22, 2019, 07:34 AM (0 replies)
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