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Member since: Fri Sep 13, 2019, 12:45 AM
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You start with a huckster, braggart, draft-dodger, and brothel-runner from Germany.

Then you go to the next generation, the German man’s son - an Outer Boroughs NYC real estate developer who takes advantage of government policies, gets connected to local political machines and organized crime, and engages in fraud, tax evasion, and blatant racial discrimination in housing - among other brazen, shameless, criminal practices that collectively make him and his family very wealthy.

Finally, you get to the next generation - specifically the real estate developer’s second son and fourth child, who is even more of a fraud, con man, and braggart asshole than his father and grandfather. This particular individual’s specialty is obviously not money (he always loses it) but media manipulation, bringing the crime family business to Manhattan and to the country and world as a whole, with the help of vicious tabloids and the same Roy Cohn who proudly guided Joseph McCarthy and mobsters alike in their sociopathic, career-and-life destroying legal and political battles.

From real estate business to show business to fraud business to foreign business and the inevitable corruption, criminality, and potential for blackmail, this third-generation con man braggart/malignant narcissist has become a shameless - always shameless - political operator, engaging in the most blatant racism, misogyny, and character assassination yet to be seen in the Republican Party. The consequences for him? The Republican presidential nomination and US Presidency itself.

Did he get to the Presidency legitimately? Considering his own personal and family history and the contemporary Republican Party’s absolutely cynical, anti-democratic views of politics, perhaps the more important question is: What is “legitimacy” to a man and a political party that rejects the legitimacy of democracy itself? The question answers itself. Proof of legitimacy is power itself - specifically THEIR power, attaining and holding it by any means necessary.

Neither Freidrich nor even Fred could have imagined it. I wonder if they would be proud, or jealous.

A normal President: "Coronavirus is a public heath crisis, but I will do my best to fight it" etc.

This President: “Fake News Media and Do-Nothing Democrats are sabotaging my tremendous economy with this Coronavirus from CHINA” etc.

Geez, how utterly normal and reassuring.

For those worrying about Stephen Miller's wife being in charge of coronavirus response...

...you’re right to worry.

While serving as the Department of Homeland Security's deputy press secretary under Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Waldman defended the policy that caused such controversy.

She insisted, according to ABC News, that the administration "never had a blanket policy of separating families in custody," although admitted that "of course separations occurred—but not at the rate of "thousands" they are claiming."

She also described on CNN how a "violent mob of migrants" trying to enter the country illegally from Mexico into California, needed to be stopped by border agents using tear gas and pepper spray.

Before she replaced Alyssa Farah as Pence's press secretary, a former DHS official told NBC News that she "impressed a lot of people in the administration" during her stint there.

She is considered to be a Trump loyalist and Montana Senator Steve Daines praised her as having a "very strong personality and "incredible work ethic."

A senior administration official with her at the DHS said she had a wide range of experience and that "she's pro-Trump and that checks all the boxes."


Especially since it is extensively documented that she shares his views.

She's every bit as racist and anti-immigrant as as her husband

Sounds like the perfect fascist power couple.

Trump obviously doesn't care about the coronavirus, but he IS mad that the stock market is crashing.

Of course, his own shitty “response” to the coronavirus is part of why the stock market is crashing.

“Best economy ever!”

End the Republican Party.

“We are America. Those other people are not.”

- RNC Chairmain Rich Bond to a reporter during the 1992 Republican National Convention.


Great article!

Elvis is alive!

And he's been living Upstate on a farm with my old Yellow Labrador.

Yup. Again, there needs to be more follow-up on this and pressing McCarthy and others on this

from journalists.

Remind Americans that Republican Party leaders themselves believe that the President - THEIR (Republican) President - and at least one of their colleagues in Congress are being paid by Putin.

But then again...”Witch Hunt, Hoax, No Collusion”

"There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump."

- Current House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, in conversation with House Republican colleagues (including then-Speaker Paul Ryan).

They know.
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