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Statute of limitations on Trump over Stormy Daniels

I have seen a few posts that claim that AG Bragg allowed the statute of limitations to run out against Trump on the Stormy Daniels case.

That's what Trump claims, but, as usual, it is a false claim. Under NY law, the statute of limitations can be extended an additional 5 years if the suspect continually lives outside of NY. Trump spent 4 years in DC and has lived in Florida since then. So Bragg is able to pursue the case, still within NY's statute limits.

Scroll down to the end of this article to read what it says about the NY statute of limitations.


Ground penetrating radar helps locate graves of First Nations children.

In Canada, ground penetrating radar can help to locate "anomalies" in soil that indicate possible graves of First Nations children who died at residential schools. The method does not identify actual bodies, only anomalies in the soil that could represent graves. Then further research and investigation are necessary to determine if they are graves.


Something to think about while the House is in disarray.

The people who have voted against McCarthy are MAGAs. Some of them were associated with the insurrection. Also, over half of them voted against certification of the Biden electors AFTER the J6 attack on the Capitol. Their holdout votes have forced McCarthy to give in to so many demands that, even if he gets the Speaker title, he will have no real power. The MAGAs will control him.

So half of our nation's legislature is under MAGA control.

The Speaker is 2nd in line for the presidency.

House Republicans have removed the prohibition against carrying arms to the floor of the House.

So the House of Representatives is being run by armed MAGAs.

What could possibly go wrong?

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