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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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This is an interactive satellite map

that you might enjoy. You can look at Brest and see how much larger it is compared to Terespol. The Bug River is there but hard to follow. You can go to the Baltic Sea and the quality of the shore line and such is really good.

It scrolls well and zooms well, but there are no other filters.


If Finland were invaded tomorrow

and they are not NATO, would we show up and defend them, if they were begging for help?

Okay, let's say that they are assembling troops and equipment

at Brest. Brest is in Belarus at the border near Poland. It is opposite to a city called Terespol, which is in Poland, on the other side of the Bug River.

If Russia took control of the Bug River, it would have a waterway going through Poland, but also connecting up to Ukraine. The river lets out in the Baltic Sea. It is said to be navigable for the most part, but I don't know what size ship.

Suppose they practiced that pontoon bridge deployment to cross the Bug River? The Bug River acts as a border between Poland and Belarus. Why would they start stocking up troops and equipment on that spot in the border? It isn't convenient to Ukraine; it's convenient to Poland.

If they started an attack there, and also from Kaliningrad, and also from the Ukraine border, then they'd have them on three sides.

There was an American port

somewhere in Florida, a fairly large port, that came under the control of Russia through a contract. This happened during the Obama years. I am sorry, I do not have a link or even the name of it.

But, I remember that I was so upset over what tRump was doing that I ended up running across this tidbit in my research. I remember being angry that such a port would be given to the control of a foreign country, and that my beloved Obama had allowed that. I remember distinctly saying, oh well, he was the President, and he must have a reason.

Well, if this long term contract, which gave control of an American port to our now proven enemy, then let's find out which port and REVOKE the contract.

The UN Secretary General

is supposed to be reading a statement about Ukraine at one fifteen pm today. You can find it at UNWeb tv. Follow the date, scroll down, and you can click on that at 1315 (0115). This is not a security council meeting, but a presser.

I read somewhere here that Latvia had asked for an emergency meeting, but I don't see where they have scheduled a meeting for that. Yesterday, I saw a fragment of one of the Baltics--I believe it was Latvia--complaining at the after presser that the Russian UN President had denied them the right to speak at the security council meeting. But, the broadcaster (I think I was watching PBN by then) cut them off and I didn't get to hear what they were saying. And, now I read that they want to speak to the Council, but so far, crickets.

I read yesterday (sorry, no link) that Russia is in the middle of its TWO YEAR presidency role at the UN. It isn't a month to month thing. I ask you, brilliant thinkers, movers and doers, WHY does Russia get to stay in that role if Russia has declared an unprovoked war on another country, and is now killing citizens of said country?

IT MAKES NO SENSE. The UN should join NATO in sanctions regardless of the voting, and boot Russia to the curb as part of the sanctions. If they truly want to use SANCTIONS as the new, modern means of warfare (which, unfortunately WILL NOT WORK,) then they should kick them out of the UN.

And, since they are denying a Baltic country access to the security council, they should doubly be booted.

How long are we going to act like fools? No, I don't want a WW3. No, I don't want a nuclear holocaust. No, I don't want $10/gal of gas. What I want is, if the world truly wants to sanction the shit out of Russia for this, then DO IT. You can't let them sit there controlling the "United" Nations with veto power. They are already using their position there as a WAR TOOL.

I think the UN should call out its troops. They can enter where NATO can't.

Sorry. For those that think that "warmongers" should go to the front first, ship me out. I'm old, I don't care if I die, and I'll take someone younger's place. I can still shoot.

Here's a link to what India is reporting

India made such an impassioned plea for the safety of its students still in Ukraine...India has a lot of international students around the world...they are very into education.


Of particular interest is that they reported that Ukraine requested Turkey to close the Bhosporus and Dardanelles Straits to Russian shipping. Turkey controls those waterways, which connect to the Black Sea. Turkey is a NATO country, but I don't think they will do that. Hope I am wrong.

You can look up Dardanelles on Wiki and learn more about the geography of the area.

This is a video link for Mariupol


This is a large seaport on the Azov Sea which Russia wants. It is a very interesting car ride through the city from today. It will give you more perspective on what is happening.

This is an article about the Artic, and Russia

It is from January 25, 2022, so it is timely. As you know, you can see Russia from backyards in Alaska. So, this has interesting bits about what Russia may be thinking, or may do if they invade Ukraine, which they did.


Here's a link to

marine traffic:


Look at all those ships out there! You can't see military, apparently, but you can at least be amazed at all the ships. Refresh your geography...

Who is the Kenya guy?

I could listen to his voice forever...
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