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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
March 10, 2022

More than just one hospital was bombed.

Today's report is that the Russians have shelled many hospitals.


There is a map on this link showing where more hospitals have been attacked on Wednesday.

Then, if you follow this link,


about half way down it shows news where it states that at least 63 hospitals have been damaged and 5 medical workers have been killed in Ukraine since the start.

This is more than just an "accident." It isn't Ukraine staging an incident. This is Putin killing innocent civilians. It's a war on the civilian population. It is a war crime.

March 10, 2022

Russia admitted to bombing the hospital.


Why did they admit such a thing? It's a puzzle. Was it a bomb, or shelling?

Putin needs to be tried in the Hague. Lifetime imprisonment, or, hanging? Maybe lethal injection. At any rate, he's a murderer. He'll probably say it was an accident, and blame it on his troops.

The troops need to know what they did.
March 10, 2022

Slovakia and Poland

both to receive SAM systems. Slovakia borders both Poland and Ukraine.

Putin is busy destroying his country. And, rather than subdue and intimidate NATO, all he's done is motivate NATO to arm up.

Slovakia never had NATO troops within its borders. Now, it does, and soon to come, pesky SAM systems. But, they are coming from Germany.

Here's a link to an article about German weapons sent to Ukraine:


Still, they want them! Send everything you got! And, Ukraine can't afford to kick the tires.

This is like in Aliens 2. Disturb the nest, and the Aliens come crawling out of the walls. Didn't know this would happen, didja Putin?

Now, about the planes...

March 9, 2022

How are we going to get Brittney Griner back?

Yes, it was stupid to be caught with anything that could be misconstrued, especially during this little walk in hell we are taking.

Does she get a Russian lawyer? What are they doing with her? If you wanted to help free her, what could you do? Give us Brittney Griner back, and we'll let you play?

It looked like she was just trying to leave. She is old enough to know better, but maybe it was innocent enough that she gave it no thought. What was she doing in Russia?

CBD doesn't work for me, but I admit I tried it, seeing as how I needed it. I am adamantly against anyone putting anything in their lungs except oxygen, but, c'mon, this is the modern age.

March 9, 2022

The Azov Sea

All the foreign shipping has cleared out. The only floating stuff left are all Russian, mostly clustered at anchor in the Kerch Strait. There are a few headed up to Taganrog, which is up past Mariupol on the Russian side of the seaboard.

I noticed that they are all carefully tracking on the right side of that "line," whatever border that line represents. It doesn't show up all the way to the Ukraine side of the seaboard, which would put it roughly at Berdansk.

The map I am looking at, of course, doesn't show any military ships.

March 8, 2022

What does this mean?

I am noticing this growing trend. First, US tells citizens to leave Russia (duh.) Then, Britain tells the banks in Russia to close. Now, Russia is telling its citizens to return home.

Is this just a coincidence? Is this, tit for tat? I am wondering if it is finally prep for something both sides know is about to happen.

I'm just nervous.

March 6, 2022

Sweden in 2013

This is a link to a short article about what Sweden went through. This happened in 2013. I looked this up because of the report that four Russian jets had entered their airspace east of Gotland Island very recently, like in the last 10 days. Sweden is not in NATO. Also, Germany sent protective forces to the Baltic Sea. So, I am just watching. If I were them, I'd NATO up in a hurry. The threat is there.

If you read it, you will notice the similarities to how Russia is operating even today. The size and type of aircraft he used then most likely will be used in this war. He has activated his air force with bombers that Ukraine can't reach. That tanker he sent over Sweden (or around Sweden) needs to be watched for (pardon my grammar).


March 6, 2022

Israel visited Moscow on Saturday

Here's a link to a news site report:


Zelensky begged Israel more than once for its anti missile system (not even the best one they have) but Israel has refused. They are attempting to be a "broker" of peace. I don't think a lot of these countries have any idea that Putin is not going to stop until he has crushed Ukraine into rubble.

Zelensky requested that Israel host a meeting with Russia, so that's okay. I guess they had to go to Moscow for it. But, it is unrealistic for them to think that Putin will change or compromise his intent. I think he is just posturing for the optics.

Israel, your lack of military aid to a country that is actively and currently being blown to bits by an invader is duly noted. If they can't control the bombers by 1) a no-fly zone, or 2) a superior anti aircraft system, then they are going to be bombed to rubble.

I understand that perhaps Israel doesn't want their defensive technology captured and reverse engineered by a potential enemy. Everyone understands that. But, this is not their best anti aircraft system. They have another one in the top five of the world's anti aircraft systems.

I am hoping that something Putin says to Israel will reverse their feelings of trying to hang on to commerce and safety for themselves, and they lighten up enough to help kick Putin in the balls.

March 4, 2022

The Suwalki Gap

This is an interesting bit of geography that you can know about, just in case.


The article has a couple of really good maps showing this little sliver of land which seems so important. I never heard of it.

March 4, 2022


If we won't defend them with boots on the ground or a no-fly zone, if we won't honor our agreement to defend them, then at least give them the planes they are asking for. We can take the monetary hit. It's nothing to us. SEND THEM THE PLANES.

It may not make any difference--but it might. It may not give Putin pause--but it might. President Z is requesting planes NOW. Not tomorrow. Not in a month. NOW. Paint the planes with Fuck You Putin on them and send them over NOW.

I'm just so pissed. The UN can't do anything. NATO won't do anything. We will have NO EXCUSE when ALL of Ukraine is taken over by Russia. No excuse when we pray to G-d to show us the way. No excuses for inaction.

Putin is going to be Putin. He has NO PLANS WHATSOEVER to stop with Ukraine. He put that down in writing. It is STUPID to not see this, and to not help Ukraine.

If we won't help Ukraine, then why can't we at least help them to help themselves???

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