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Member since: Wed Dec 4, 2019, 05:28 PM
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I am so sick of anti-maskers and anti-vaxers

Heres a few thoughts...

If you contract Covid and it can be proven that you either refused to wear a mask and when one comes out, refused to get vaccinated, the consequences should NOT be covered by insurance nor by any and all types of medical/financial aid.

I dont want my tax dollars going to help pay for your stupidity when you are laying there in the hospital racking up extensive medical bills because you felt so violated in having to put a piece of cloth over your face for a couple hours.

You are sooooo up in arms about your goddamn freedoms being violated because you have to wear a fucking mask....well, go live in Russia, China, North Korea or a hundred other places and then get back to me about your freedom.

And...OH MY GOD..THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO IMPLANT A TRACKING DEVICE IN YOU WITH THE VACCINE!!! REALLY??? If you really believe that, look me up because I have a unicorn, a round trip ticket to the North Pole to hang with Santa and the elves and a dinner with the Easter Bunny to sell ya!

Somebody please wake my ass up cause I cant spend another minute in this nightmare!!

What reality are these people living in??

Hearing more and more radio ads from reThug PACs blaming Dems for the pandemic. Taking credit for slowing it down due to travel restrictions, research and quick response. Blaming Nancy P for the economy crash and the unemployment numbers
Sad thing is the cult is eating this up.
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