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Member since: Tue Jan 21, 2020, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 8,216

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My last cat, who lived to be 17, loved Gershwin


Why do they have to drag Jesus into everything

Floyd was having a panic attack. He showed no aggression or violence against the cops

I think they thought they had a good excuse to manhandle him

Jerry Garcia, "Simple Twist of Fate"


Yes. Memorial Day parade in Wilmington.

I worked for the NewsJournal for years covering him as Senator and VP. He always treated us well and respected the job we had to do, he treats everyone with respect.
Definitely not like the enemy of the people

I was trying to keep up with VP Biden in a parade, tripped and busted my chin open.

I was a photographer covering the parade for the local paper. Knocked myself out for a second. He immediately stopped, and sent for the physician traveling with him. The doctor said I needed stitches and put me in an ambulance. It was a minor injury and I was fine. Joe Biden called while I was waiting to get stitched up to see if I was all right, genuinely concerned. Do I love ❤️ him?

Beau was a prince.

In the best sense of the word. His death was a great loss. Iím from Delaware and I covered his campaigns and work as AG for the newspaper. He treated everyone with respect and was a champion for justice. We need more like him. Our politics arenít as cutthroat as in the rest of the country because we all know each other well. I wish it could be that way in all of the U.S.

Wow, Congresswoman, don't go out on a limb there.

Has Bernie even made any statement defending Joe? He and AOC need to state it clearly, like Speaker Pelosi has done several times.

Oh lord won't you give the virus to trump 🎶

Prove that you love me and infect the White House.

I'm a big fan of Sen. Murphy. I think he's very smart and sensible

Iím glad somebody finally called out the Ukraine-like shakedown trump is committing against the states and anyone he doesnít like with billions of our dollars. I actually wondered if trump demanded that the WHO produce dirt on Joe Biden.
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