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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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The next Lincoln Project ad should be: Donald Trump reads "The Snake" poem.

The wonderful Maya Angelou famously said, "When people tell you who they are, believe them."

I had run across the story of the snake years ago, but not in poem form. When I found this video of Trump reading a poem based on the story, my skin literally crawled. Lincoln Project people, if you're listening, please have a look and use parts of this video in your next anti-Trump ad:


If you can't stand to watch the video, I don't blame you. The gist of it is that a woman sees a poisonous snake. The snake begs her to take him in. She says, "No! You'll bite me!" The snake reassures her that he won't. So she takes him in. Sure enough, he bites her. The woman is shocked and angry. The snake goes, "Stupid woman! You knew damn well I was a snake when you took me in!"

It is so creepy and repulsive and infuriating to see Trump actually revealing his true nature at a campaign rally and his gullible supporters don't realize that the snake is Trump.

Horrifying thought: What if Trump found out in 2019 that the Russians were paying $100,000 bounties

for dead Americans and he thought to himself, "Hey, now! I could really cash in here!"

That would explain why his response to Covid-19 was so slow, why he called the pandemic a "hoax," why he encouraged people to drink bleach and take hydroxy-whatever, why he has been pushing so hard for businesses to reopen, and now why he wants the schools to reopen. Maybe he gets more money when educated people like teachers and those seeking an education, like schoolchildren, are killed.

I'm just being facetious with this idea of Trump's completely botched response to Covid-19 being caused by his wanting to cash in on the Russian bounty money. He's just phenomenally incompetent and 1,000 percent fixated on winning the 2020 election and keeping his own hide out of prison.

But you have to wonder. It certainly seems like he wants us all dead.

Why Trump's "Don't blame me, blame China!" excuse doesn't work

Imagine if China, instead of transmitting the coronavirus to the United States (unintentionally, I believe. I mean, it's a disease. Diseases spread. It's sort of their thing.), what if China had sent 2 million actual soldiers to attack the US, launching a land and air attack in California? In the first wave of the attack, 130,000 Americans are killed.

What if, in the face of an actual attack, Trump did absolutely nothing to prepare for it and made no attempt to warn the American people (even though he had been briefed by US intelligence several months prior about the possibility of a Chinese invasion)?

And what if Trump had then called the invasion a hoax, denied California the equipment it needed to counter the attack, and told every other state that it was up to each state to defend itself from the massive Chinese army overrunning the country? And then, what if, when people criticized him for his abject failure in responding to the attack, Trump declared, "Don't blame me! Blame China!" to divert attention from his own incompetence.

In the situation of an actual Chinese invasion, yes, indeed, it's China's fault. Of course it's their fault if they purposefully attacked us! But what a ludicrous waste of time to point fingers and snivel, "They started it!" All that matters now is how the commander in chief of the United States military responds to the attack.

So even if China had, as conspiracy theorists would have you believe, unleashed the coronavirus on the world on purpose, so the hell what? What was Trump's response? And what is he doing now?

Trump: "I like Purple Heart recipients who DON'T get wounded!"

No, the Mango Moron hasn't said or tweeted this—yet—but seriously, has anyone in history ever been more vicious and vindictive than Trump? Bad enough that he had Purple Heart recipient Lt. Col. Vindman escorted from the White House grounds after testifying in the impeachment hearings (along with his brother, who did not testify), but now there is serious concern that Vindman's promotion will be sabotaged by President Donald J. Bonespurs.

Thank you, Senator Tammy Duckworth (another Purple Heart recipient) for defending Lt. Col. Vindman from Trump's treachery by demanding a written commitment not to block Vindman's promotion. I'm sure that the 1,000-plus other officers on the list of promotions will support your action, even it means their promotions are held up a bit—at least the ones deserving of promotion will support you and support Lt. Col. Vindman.

P.S. Senator Duckworth, you are my pick for Veep!
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