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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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Think there's a worker shortage now? Just wait until we finally get universal health insurance!

(I said, gleefully)! The only reason millions of Americans are staying in their jobs is for the health insurance (if they are lucky enough to have employer-provided health insurance).

There will be a mass exodus once some form of single-payer-Medicare-for-All-national-health-insurance is finally put into place and people feel it's safe for them to strike out on their own with that business idea they've been longing to attempt.

Plenty of people will remain in their jobs because they are still wary of the job insecurity that being on your own can bring. Or they may not have any desire to have their own business, or may actually like their jobs, or are in a profession in which they cannot be self-employed. But with more workers choosing self-employment, the ones who remain will benefit (hopefully) because employers will have to treat them better with higher wages and better work conditions (you would think, anyway).

So, bring on the Great Resignation, I say! It's time for businesses to start forking over more of their profits to the workers who make those profits possible. And sure, they'll try to pass the cost of increasing wages onto the consumer, but that can only go so far before they out-price themselves and will be forced to accept a lower profit margin.

So that's my totally inexpert take on the worker shortage. Being self-employed for a couple of decades myself, I wish everyone out there who is embarking on their own new business all the very best of luck in your new endeavor!

A proposal to ease the US worker shortage that would make Repubs' heads explode:

My husband pointed out that we have all these people at the southern border trying desperately to enter the United States. He suggested that we should let them in if they agree to enroll in a pathway-to-citizenship worker program and allow themselves to be placed in jobs facing worker shortages. It would be like the current guest worker programs already in place in the US, but would allow workers to actually earn their US citizenship.

It would be fun to float this idea in Congress, just to watch the Repubs' go apoplectic, like the Martians' reaction to Slim Whitman music in Mars Attacks!


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