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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
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You should read the justifications being spouted on the gun forums

My favorite was that, since windows were broken to gain access to the capitol, it had to be ANTIFA, because that is their M.O.

Facial recognition has proven that the people who gained access were ANTIFA.

It was (mostly) a peaceful protest with just a few bad players.

It was about time that the real people were heard from.

It goes on for post after post....

Are y'all tired of winning yet?

Remember how proud we would be of our Country if Trump were elected? We would get tired of winning. Well he is right, I am tired of his brand of "winning."


Interested in what a Trump Jan. 6th rally goer is thinking?

Post from a gun forum:

Buying a newer vehicle and pretty much packed , the wife and I are going to the rally ! It's the most important event in my life time and these tough guy leftist need some well taught manners ! You've out right picked a fight with HALF THE NATIONS VOTERS ! No more turn the other cheek !

I'm not looking for trouble but I think trouble may find me ! So be it , these people have gone way too far ! This ain't no video game eating Cheet-os , this is where you may learn a very hard lesson , (RESPECT) , fear works to . Y'all lefties , be warned , this is a battle for the USA !

For the love of country and my fellow man !

The only thing missing is Seig Heil! (but it is implied)

What will we get in an uproar about when we don't have Trump to pick on any more?

I have only been here for a year but damned if it hasn't been an interesting year to talk politics. If we settle into good governance for the next four years what will keep the juices going?

I know that we have Republican Senators to put in the road, and we could use a boost in the House. I would like some help sending my governor to somewhere appropriate, maybe Uganda, Yemen or Somalia where he could ply his trade until replaced by the time honored methods of unstable nations. Maybe the Trump family trials will stir up some excitement.

To be truthful, I could use a few months without daily drama from DC. The past four years have been worse on me than kindergarten, calculus, and boot camp all rolled up in one....

Happy New Year folks, I am going to bed and leaving it up to y'all to bring it in!

Don't let me down!

The secret to a good life:

Love and a slow cooker. That is it. Now you know.

Sick of the budget theater

The tightwad Republicans are using the $2,000.00 proposal to keep from having to send the $600.00 checks. Unemployment ending, evictions starting and dying continuing. Oh but it has been a White Christmas for Republicans.

So the relief bill is 5.000 pages.

I am confident that all of that will be going to the needy......Somebody better read the damn thing, hidden in there may be a paragraph making Trump president for life and banning Democrats from holding office....

I just listened to the CBS Evening news (as I have done for most of my life)

I was so pleased to not hear about electoral drama. I don't think that they had a single politics story, although I was somewhat distracted playing with my dog and only had one eye on the screen....

In any case, to my East Coast neighbors, good luck with that storm. It looks like a frozen hell to us Floridians. It is probably a good night to snuggle

Rudolph the leaky lawyer

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