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Chainfire's Journal
Chainfire's Journal
March 25, 2022

Sockie Mom is gone. Our feral cat that we have fed for over ten years died last night.

She and another feral had kittens under my front steps about ten years ago. It was very odd to us that two females shared the same "nest" and apparently both nursed all of the kittens. We gave all of the kittens but two away and had our own little feral colony for a while. They dropped out, one by one, three from natural causes and one I believe was taken by a Coyote. Old Socks had a good life, she only left our front porch for hunting or going to the bathroom. My wife has always tended to her, she had a heated house and she ate well. She appeared to be healthy and happy up to the end, but we knew it was coming. It was only in the last several months that she started allowing anyone to pet her, and that on a very limited basis. I always referred to her as "that old nasty cat", but I will miss her (but I won't admit it).

March 23, 2022

Putins enters the 4th week, of a 3 day war, with a 2nd class army,

and has shown that he is a 1st class failure. The Russian Trump!

He has already lost this war even if he eventually gains all of his initial objectives.

March 19, 2022

Lets talk about the weather.

I am in North Florida. Spring thunderstorms are the norm, they are no big deal. They come, boom for a half hour and and pass over.

Last night was the exception. At a little before sundown we got the worst thunderstorm that I have experienced in my 70 years. It lasted without break for nearly four hours. We lost power in the first half hour so I took my Kindle to bed. I could have read a paper book from the constant lightning. The thunder shook the house so bad that things literally fell off the walls. I had guessed that we had two inches of rain overnight, but my wife just checked the rain gauge that she had reset yesterday, we had 5" of rain in less than 12 hours. That is a lot of wet even for Florida.

I felt really sorry for my Black Lab. She usually only gives passing notice to thunder, but last night shook her up. I hope that along with almost no Winter, that this too does not become the norm.

Edit update: It is around 4:00 PM and the radar over my area is red again. We may be in for a 6"/24 hr. rain event. I now have fish asking for shelter in my barn.

March 12, 2022

The prolonged warm winter has all of my fruit trees in full bloom, or with small fruit forming

So, tonight, we are going to get a hard freeze. So much for my blueberries....

We had temps in the high eighties earlier this week...

March 2, 2022

Rant: States that need their drivers to take remedial classes.

I am going to pick on two states. For the citizens of these states, who do not resemble these remarks, I will apologize in advance, even if I don't really mean it.

I frequently drive in Interstate 10, (La to Jacksonville, Fl.) The bible belt freeway. I have a problem with two State's drivers. For Georgia drivers I will ask, "Is it illegal to use turn signals in Georgia, or is it just none of my damn business where you are going?" I don't recall a Georgia driver ever using a turn signal, I don't know why they even have them...Off the interstate, you can wait and wait and wait in heavy traffic for a chance to turn right at an intersection. Your only chance of going is if someone is turning right from the opposite direction. Georgia drivers, will not give you a break and put on their signals, for any reason, so they turn and rob you of your chance to go.

Texans. The fast lane of the interstate is for passing! There are Texans that will drive in the fast lane from Dallas to Tallahassee without once leaving, for any reason. Normally they drive at 70 MPH in that lane, unless they are driving a King Ranch truck, in which case it is 65 MPH, or, if they are pulling a horse trailer, it is 55 MPH. They are either unaware or don't give a rat's ass that the traffic is bottled up for six miles behind them and the aggressive drivers are going ballistic, endangering everyone. They just sit there fat, dumb and happy. Dammit son, the right lanes work too!

I am a reasonably patient man, even if it doesn't seem like it. I would not be complaining if these were isolated instances, but they are not, these drivers are habitual offenders. I always wonder it they too get pissed when others do the same thing, or are they too damn unobservant to even notice?

If there are others that need calling out, please share, so that I can avoid the states.

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