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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
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CNN is still covering the pandemic

I'm confused because they were supposed to knock that crap off as soon as the election was over.

Remember when Nazi Germany sent old men to fight a lost war against overwhelming Russian forces?

There can't be enough WWII analogies in my opinion.

Real Facts versus Alternative Facts

I whipped up a meme for DU's enjoyment.

The alternative universe where Hillary won in 2016 thread

So let's say Hillary won in 2016. She'd be dealing with the pandemic in 2020 and the case numbers would be lower than where they are now. But it wouldn't be a New Zealand or South Korea situation here, it's just too different. There would be a mask mandate, and there would be more restrictions in place.

There are no great outcomes during a pandemic. Any strategy you choose is going to come with some pretty awful compromises, and in politics there are going to be naysayers maximizing the resulting political damage. People are naturally going to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, and the longer things drag out the louder the cacophony of grumbling gets.

Donald Trump would have remained politically active, and may have made another run in 2020. He would have had a shot, and might have been at the helm going into what looks to be the darkest days of the pandemic.

So as bad as the past four years have been, might it have been worse?

No story about Biden winning the election on OANN

It's surely just an oversight, but OANN doesn't appear to be running a story on Joe Biden becoming the 46th President of the United States.

I see a story about Trump supporters protesting in the battleground states. Then there is that gem about the media calling the election too quickly (boy it didn't seem like it LOL!)

But oddly no story about Biden's victory yesterday and the worldwide celebrations which ensued. Maybe it's user error on my part with that search box?? The interwebs can be a bit confounding for us old-timers at times LOL!

Hmm. What is to become of people who rely on OANN as their primary source of information? I fear they could end up like those Japanese soldiers still fighting WWII after it was all over.


The final conservative contradiction of 2020

Many conservatives (including Trump) have not accepted the outcome of the election. I suspect many never will. These supposedly stalwart defenders of the US Constitution are manufacturing a Constitutional crisis out of thin air to support that world view.

This contradiction cannot be resolved and is disqualifying.

Santorum tried to throw cold water on the celebrations in the street

On CNN he basically said the crowds weren't there to support any sort of agenda from Biden, but rather because they disapprove of Trump and are blowing off steam.

If you are standing in that crowd, you can feel better that a new Coronavirus Task Force will be put together and managed effectively (starting next week in fact).

If you are standing in that crowd, you can feel better that the beleaguered ACA will have strong support from the top and will be shored up for years to come. This battle starts this month.

If you are standing in that crowd, you can feel better that the Defund Social Security executive action will be reversed within the first 100 days.

So sorry Rick, there is more than Orange Man Bad going on today. Oh, and he also pontificated that Democrats need to listen to the right more closely. You can see the obvious irony there.

Least popular elder with Republicans in four years

In my travels in the conservative world, I've been amazed at how quickly Republicans have turned their backs on their former presidents and presidential candidates. In particular, the names Romney and McCain spoken aloud can really trigger the dirtiest looks. In their cases, this seems related to their perceived lack of loyalty to Trump (and the party by association). However, going back a bit further, the Bush's aren't exactly held in the highest regard either. You have to go back to the 80's and Ronald Reagan to drum up anything resembling a positive or nostalgic reaction.

Democrats have done much better in this regard. Obama and the Clintons are still held in the highest regard, although Kerry's name doesn't seem to come up much. Democratic elders just seem to age better.

Looking forward four years, who will be disdained by Republicans looking back the most?

FXN has Arizona called for Biden

An Arizona win by Biden is close to game over at this point.

Why is FXN out in front of CNN on this?


I Believe - Joe Satriani

This is Satch's uplifting hope and change song.

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