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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
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Ted Budd gaslighting FAIL

Ted Budd is running various dubious TV ads which try to gaslight us into believing that Cheri Beasley plans to let rapists roam the streets unfettered. One ad goes so far as to point to a 15-year-old rape victim who was impregnated.

In light of the Roe debacle, I wouldn't think that this subject is a winner for Republicans. It is pretty clear which party is dismantling protections for women. FAIL.

Wooly mammoths are transporting fentanyl into York County, SC

I only read the headline, but very concerning. Apparently, they were going to kill us humans.


Any interest in Aptera?

Aptera has been in the news of late and is making another run at the solar car market. I have to say the vehicle gamma is very intriguing.

So, on the high-end they are touting a 1000-mile range and up to 40 miles per day recharge from the solar panels. That would easily cover my daily commute, and the range is incredible. My main concern is comfort. Are you even going to feel like a human being after riding in one of these contraptions for 1000 miles? Where can you get these serviced? Are they safe?

In terms of target audience, they have some challenges. The car is all about fuel economy and there are stark tradeoffs to that end. However, somebody who only drives 40 miles per day isn't going to be so focused on that aspect. Somebody who drives more than that will appreciate the energy savings but may struggle with the creature comforts.

I'd love to have one just for the novelty factor and to "stick it to the man". The low down payment of $100 suggests to me that these may never see the light of day. I'm a tall man, but supposedly they have increased the leg room a bit. Thoughts? All the content out there is from Aptera as there don't seem to be any independent reviewers out there with gammas in their possession.


Right-wing weasel words on CNN

I'm not totally convinced that CNN is shifting to a right bias. That said, I am hawkish on this issue. So today, Kaitlan Collins brought up the Mohammed bin Salman fist bump today. It has already been demonstrated that this is a nothingburger in the post-Covid era where it has unremarkably replaced the handshake for sanitary reasons. Regardless, Jake Tapper parroted her smear as well. I can only interpret this as lazy gotcha journalism at best or right-wing propaganda at worst. Collins also characterized the trip as being unsuccessful in light of the current OPEC situation (paralleling a current Fox News angle). Hmm.

Anyone else keeping score?

Bells on cat collars are not a good idea

There's a stray cat in my neighborhood who has a bell on his collar. He's essentially wild as he's been wandering out there for a year or two. I recall seeing him last winter. Once I saw him carrying a mouse around, so he's actively hunting. But the poor guy has that bell, and you can hear him coming and going. That really doesn't improve his odds of survival. I'm guessing somebody is putting food out for him, but who knows.

It made me realize how short-sighted that bell collar was. It's common for cats to run away. It's also not difficult to imagine other scenarios where a house cat might need to remain silent, like eluding a neighborhood dog.

Charitable contribution deduction for individuals who don't itemize

Individuals, including married individuals filing separate returns, could claim a deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions made to qualifying charities back in 2021. The maximum deduction was increased to $600 for married individuals filing joint returns.

This fixed an unintended consequence of the larger standard deductions. Is there any hope of getting this reinstated for 2022? It would be a force for good and the charitable holiday season is fast approaching.

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