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FelineOverlord's Journal
FelineOverlord's Journal
February 29, 2024

Maricopa County Recorder claps back with the TRUTH at Turning Point member's voting fraud lies

It's going viral and the little Nazi Aubrey is getting RATIOED.

aubrey savela

Maricopa county at its finest…

My first time ever voting in a presidential preference election and I received not one but two mail-in ballots 🫣

Thank you @stephen_richer

Stephen Richer—MaricopaCountyRecorder (prsnl acct)
Hi Aubrey!

Thanks for reaching out.

You changed your voter registration on the last day of voter registration (Feb. 20) from your Chandler address to your new Tempe address.

Because early ballots must go out on Feb. 21, your Chandler ballot was already set to go out, and so it did.

Then we sent out a new ballot to your Tempe address when we processed your voter registration modification.

That's why you had to redact out different lengths in the address (because they were sent to different addresses).

You'll also notice that one of packet codes ends in "01" (the one to your old address) and one ends in "02" (the one sent to your new address). As soon as the "02" one goes out, the "01" packet is dead. Meaning even if you sent it back, it wouldn't proceed to signature verification, and it wouldn't be opened. That's how we prevent people from voting twice.

So just use the one with your new address ending in "02" -- that's the only one that will work.

Hope this helps! Have a great night! Happy voting!
9:53 PM · Feb 28, 2024



The Republicans are really going after Richer and he used this to ask for donations!

Stephen Richer—MaricopaCountyRecorder (prsnl acct)

Come for the exclamation points, stay for the reelect donation.



February 28, 2024

Tom Suozzi gets sworn in tonight 🔥 UPDATE: He was sworn in and he was on FIRE 🔥

Tom Suozzi
Big day!

Tonight around 6:30 or 7:00pm, I will be sworn into Congress.

I will give a speech to all of my “new” colleagues. I wonder if they will listen?

We need to work together to actually serve the people.

Thank you to all of my constituents for giving me the great honor to serve. I am excited.

Watch the ceremony and my speech live on C-SPAN at 6:30pm or 7:00pm tonight.

February 27, 2024

Mike Johnson's body language vs, the Vice President's 😂

ToQay (she/her)
Y’all. The body language, y’all. 😂😏

February 23, 2024

Nicolle Wallace will be back on Monday, February 26th

Dem 4 Life 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🟧 🟦 🌈
Twitter just finding out that Nicolle Wallace is returning to Deadline Whitehouse on MSNBC on Monday!!!

February 23, 2024

Were Smirnov's lawyers attempting to help him flee the U.S.?

I thought it was interesting last night when they apparently re-arrested Smirnov at his lawyer's office.

Now we might know why.

Last night:

Kyle Cheney
JUST IN: Alexander SMIRNOV, the former FBI informant charged with feeding false info about the Bidens, has been rearrested despite a magistrate's release order.

His lawyers say he was arrested while at their offices for a legal consultation.



Joyce Alene

Last night we learned DOJ re-arrested Smirnov after his release. Now we know why. A California judge seems to be suggesting his lawyers are complicit in his efforts to flee, in a remarkable line ordering detention for the FBI source whose lies propelled Biden impeachment efforts


WOW: The federal judge that revoked the bond of the GOP's star witness Alexander Smirnov did so over fears that his lawyers may have been trying to help him flee the country.


February 23, 2024

There's a pinball machine called "J6: Insurrection" currently exhibiting at CPAC

There’s A Pinball Machine Based On The January 6 Insurrection http://dlvr.it/T36phm


Ford Fischer

I took a look at the "J6: Insurrection" Pinball Game currently exhibiting at CPAC.

Combining real January 6 footage, an AI-generated Trump voice telling the player "extra ball," and real Trump quotes, the pinball machine features modes like "Stop the Steal" and "Babbitt Murder."

Jonathan Linowes, designer of the "J6: Insurrection" Pinball Game, tells me "the idea is to bring the truth of what happened on J6 to an audience that is not necessarily that political."

He says there's been "a lot of pushback from the virtual pinball community."


February 16, 2024

Mourners and protesters in Russia being arrested. Detentions made at memorial.

Igor Sushko

After Navalny was murdered by Putin, mourners were reading poetry in front of the monument commemorating Stalin's repressions right before mass arrests by the Kremlin gestapo began. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russia: Mass arrests happening throughout the country after people came out to mourn Navalny's murder by the Kremlin regime. This is in Saint Petersburg.


Igor Sushko
Russia: Elderly woman in downtown Moscow bravely called for an uprising against Putin in the aftermath of the Kremlin's murder of Alexei Navalny and mass arrests of mourners throughout the nation.


Alec Luhn
State employees remove flowers laid for @Navalny in Yekaterinburg. Around Russia, police have been cordoning off memorials, dispersing mourners & arresting people with signs


Igor Sushko



February 16, 2024

Another Putin opponent, photographer Dmitry Markov, died today at the age of 42

Olga Lautman 🇺🇦
Another death or possible murder in Russia. He was a famous photographer arrested several times at protest rallies and took a photo that became famous and a symbol at Navalny protests. Dmitry Markov died today in Pskov at the age of 42


February 10, 2024

New York Times "full frontal assault" on Biden. They want Trump to win. They have made it very clear.

Let's accept it.

We're in a war on multiple fronts.

We are in a war against the Nazi pigs in the GOP.

We are at war with much of the mainstream press.

And yes, I know that I will get people defending the Times here, but I don't care.

They are wrong and I am right.

It's been going on for years.

Remember the Bush years and Judith Miller?

Ever read how the New York Times thought Hitler wasn't that bad?

Evan Sutton
The @nytimes
full frontal assault on Biden, based on the unverifiable claims of a partisan prosecutor, is one more example of how our elite media is in the tank for Trump. And it was all made inevitable when Merrick Garland handed the GOP this gift on a silver platter.


Greg Sargent
Today's NYT talks to experts who say Hur's claims about Biden's memory are hard to verify.

So does that mean NYT regrets yesterday's news analysis hyping those claims?

As I argue below, these analysis pieces are *choices.* There are better ones:


suited up the whole squad


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