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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 4,781

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What time does the judge have to respond to the DoJ's filing last night?

I heard that the judge have to respond today from MSNBC. Does anyone know if there is an exact time?

Update for Alaska count from Dave Wasserman

New Alaska count: Mary Peltola (D) expands lead over Sarah Palin (R) to 16,347 votes. Depending on how many ballots “exhaust,” Palin probably needs 68-70% of Begich second place votes to prevail. It’s going to be close. #AKAL


Just heard on ABC that the SS agents and the person who Cassidy said told her about the Beast

incident are ready to testify that what she said didn't happen. Is this true?

The media (at least a clip I am watching from CNN) is saying it's so unexpected about how TFG acted

or said. Have they not paid any attention for the last 20 or 30 years? That's how he always worked and acted. It's no surprise. He is a mob boss or at least that's how he acted for many many years.

It looks like ex-president has the right to claim executive privilege for conversations they had

during their term.

Since a few posters and video claimed that ex-president cannot use executive privilege for conversations during his/her term, I personally disagree with the rational even though I think Trump is using the executive privilege wrong. I've asked a few times if my assumption is correct but got no direct answer. I went to do some digging on google. The answer seem to be a gray one, at least it is not tested in court yet. Here is an article from lawfare:


The article seem to suggest it hasn't been tested in court yet but it appears that ex-president can in fact claim executive privilege for conversations during his/her term (unlike some people's on DU and youtube's argument). Here are some relevant points from the article.

In November 2001, President George W. Bush issued an executive order that gave former presidents the absolute right to assert executive privilege over their records and preclude their release by the archivist, who is now charged with maintaining presidential records.

After establishing that the privilege continues to cover the information after the president leaves office, the court in GSA assumed that the former president had some ability to assert executive privilege over that material, but it never explained why. Nor is the question an easy one. There is considerable weight to the argument that only the current president has the authority to assert executive privilege because the privilege itself derives from Article II of the Constitution and the separation of powers. A former president has no constitutional authority.


Here is another one that specifically says ex-president can claim executive privilege if he applied it correctly:


Who can claim executive privilege?
Either the sitting president or a former president during whose term an allegedly privileged document was created may assert executive privilege.

Is this article correct?

I am simply raising this issue because the last thing I want is someone using the wrong rational and easily disputed by a Trumpist and then get ignored even though the premise/conclusion is correct.

Why is it ok to have fraud for the PPP program but it's unacceptable for the current bill?

Just heard on MSNBC that the republican panel said if there is fraud for the current democratic bill, it will be bad and would destroy the credibility of the bill. They are the same people who praise the PPP program breathlessly. We saw there were frauds where people were charged by using the fund for a boat or a new car. Why is it ok for the PPP program to have fraud but suddenly when it's a democratic bill and it is unacceptable to have any fraud?

PS. I am not saying there will be fraud for the current bill.

My Trumper parents just asked me to delete their facebook and whatsapp accounts.

I guess Facebook can finally die now that they pissed democrats off months/years ago and the Trumpers now.

If we get both GA seats, who will be the senior and junior senator from GA?

Would they be swore in at the same time?

When is the last time we heard about Hunter Biden? Nope.

Yeah. It's the 120k COVID cases new single day record that would magically disappear after Nov. 3rd. LOL

Clayton (GA) will report it's remaining 5.7k votes at midnight EST.


Nate Cohn: That will be enough for Biden to take the lead.
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