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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,147

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It is a sad day for Houston and what happened at the concert.

One of my neighbors grandson was there, he is ok.

Not like my day going to Neil Diamond or the singers at their concerts.


RIP for the kids who died.

My 12 year old granddaughter has become a woman, we will leave it at that.

She texted me the news.

Time for me send her a present.

I am glad I am a old lady with the Trump crowd trying to take over.

Glad my grandkids are now living in Canada.

This was not the retirement I had planned.

I hope this country can work itself out of this mess.

I am going to enjoy the next few years.

Just think we could have had President Hillary Clinton.

I know to many people who did not vote in that election.

Thought she would win easily over Trump.

Now we suffering the results.

The nuts are coming out from under the rocks.

No one will be coming to rescue us.

In one month the house will be sold.

Several buyers.

No need to stay with the kids in Canada.

The open road the RV will be home.

The last holiday season in the house.

Just seems like yesterday I bought the house.

Would like to have Christmas with the kids in Canada.

If we do not travel now we never will.

My house mate is getting well now.

So off we go.

One more Halloween, birthday, and Thanksgiving here.

Watching a Route 66 episode on YouTube, a Trump like character is on it.

The episode is called "To Walk With A Serpent".

The character is very Trump like.

The episode is on YouTube.

Damn it really close.

Also on Tubi tv, free.

Almost got arrested yesterday by pissed off cops.

Went to a fast food place and the cops had pulled over a driver.

The driver did everything asked of him and cops were pointing three guns at him.

I stood on the sidewalk and watched the whole thing.

The driver was afraid, I was afraid for him.

The cops yelled at me to go inside the fast food place but I stayed on private property.

I just watched them.

Maybe I saved the guy's life.

The cops were pissed dealing with the driver.

The cops took the driver away.

Hope he is ok.

I stood my ground.

I am tired of the Democrats in Congress not standing up to the Republicans.

This Bannon thing.

If the Republicans get back in power in Congress we are lost.

This is the reason my Grandkids are in Canada.

Their Mom is afraid for their future in this country.

People will not show up to vote in the midterms if the Democrats do not show a spine.

Well my housemate got her surgery and is almost well.

Only had to go to San Antonio for it.

The grandkids have settled into Canada and are doing well.

Now it is time for me.

Thinking about selling the house and taking off to travel.

Have Grandkids to visit, never been to Canada.

No need for the house, the kids will never be back.

They have already changed.

Their future is elsewhere.

Talking to a friend in the business, just need the right price.

My housemate will be fit for travel soon.

Big decision to make.

Going on a road trip somewhere to think about it.

Take care of yourself.

You might need to put a little distance between you and your customers.

I did it with my parents.

You can only handle so much.

Been watching Ann Richards videos on YouTube.

I miss our former Governor.

She was Texas.

Still think she won the election.

Check out her videos on YouTube.
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