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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 12:07 AM
Number of posts: 2,099

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Rep's Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, & Ron Estes all think trump did nothing wrong

All voted trump innocent of attempting to overthrow our government. We need to vote them out.

How Fox news could diminish the impending BLOODSHED of this coming week.

They should start telling their viewers about the BIG LIE, this election was not stolen from their IDOL.
They should not be going to state capitols or Washington DC to protest LIES. This is not how a democracy
works. Of course by doing so, they'll have to admit they were part of the problem.

From Jerry Moran's newsletter yesterday

President Trump had every right under the Constitution to challenge the results of the election in the courts,
and I publicly supported his right to do so given the allegations and reports of irregularities and fraud.

WTF? Did he really look into the allegations and irregularities in this election? The few dead people who were
caught voting, voted republican. Feel he's more inside trump's camp than outside. Guess we'll find out if and
when the impeachment article goes to the Senate.

Question for all elected Republicans who were at the Capitol on Jan 6th

trump called the rioters "special people" but never mentioned that "there was very fine people on both sides".
After two months of promoting his "BIG LIE" of election fraud to help keep him in power which failed,
Do you think you are "fine people" for helping trump attempt to get several of your fellow members of
congress Hung from a tree at the Capitol Building?

Let's get "LOCK HIM UP" trending on social media so MSM starts weighing in

If MSM would start talking about him being a clear and present danger to democracy for his role in the
Jan. 6th events and that he's probably planning a martial law event before Jan. 20th. maybe just
maybe someone in a position to act will LOCK HIM UP for our safety. HIS radical domestic terrorists
are planning events in all 50 state capitols and Washington DC again. Let our voices be heard.

The FBI shouldn't be arresting all these peaceful protesters of Jan. 6th,

without going after THEIR LEADER who started the coup, and they know who that is. Why is the deranged idiot
getting a pass but not those who blindly follow his orders? Put him in jail today so he can't direct and bring to
fruition his martial law plans he has before the 20th. LOCK HIM UP!

PS...Faux news called them peaceful protesters

Put him in jail today so he can't direct his martial law plans!

An attempted coup should be more than enough reason to do it. Look past the politics involved in not arresting
him, he's an ENEMY OF THE STATE. We have a nice place in Cuba for people like him.

If trumpig was in jail prior to Jan 17th, would trumpers stay home from their next coup attempt?

Or would more show up to free their fearless leader from prison?

Bend the law, lock him up! Cops have no problem bending the law for black people

for minor offenses. Surely the Mayor of Washington DC or the Governor of Maryland could have a warrant made
out for his arrest since the coup happened in their territory. Suspicion of attempting another coup, danger to
himself or others, wearing his depends backwards, anything would do, just get him locked up ASAP before he can
do any more damage to this country.

Since trump is the founder & leader of the largest domestic terrorist organization in the U.S.

Known as "TRUMPERS" who attacked our Capitol Building under his orders. Could either the Mayor of
Washington DC or the Governor of Maryland have a warrant made out for his arrest while he's still in
office since the crime was in their territory? Or could someone in the DOJ or FBI slip one past
trump's loyalists in charge and have him arrested? Suspicion of attempting to overthrow the U.S.
Government would be a good start. Really, suspicion of anything would work, pick him up and interrogate
him for 11 days. Do not allow him to be a free person when his TROOPERS known as TRUMPERS plan
to meet up again Jan 17th.
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