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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 2,786

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Leaked video of Alex Q Jones "badmouthing" Qrump

Hadn't seen it posted here before, posted on youtube Feb 26th 2021

Do you suppose Rush Qimbaugh has "I've got friends in low places"?

Just heard the Garth Brooks tune on the radio and started thinking about Rush QimLaugh because he surely
helped others with an R behind their name to go enjoy some "Global Warming"

What the 43 ReQug Senators are really saying with their lame acquittal excuses

"Yea he's guilty as hell, but I believe we should allow him the opportunity to run for President again." A guilty verdict
would have prevented Qrump from ever holding political office again. So, are they hoping his next coup attempt will
be successful in overthrowing our government? Hopefully this will help us to flip red congress seats to blue.

We should thank the 43 ReQug Senators for their acquittal votes.

They made Qrump & Qanonsense the face of their party. With the lawsuits he is currently facing and whatever
charges the DOJ will be bringing against him shortly ensures we'll be seeing him in court soon with all his dirty
laundry exposed for all the voters to see. It'll get more and more difficult for reQugs in Congress to defend him.
We need to keep track of all the things they have said in defense of Qrump to use against them come 2022
midterms, because before then even Faux News will be painting him in an unfavorable light. I'm grateful to the
43 Senators for killing the ReQublican Party right in front of our eyes. Remember to use your "Q"s when writing
about them.

7QQ club today promoted the idea that Democrats are really just Communists

RQbertson started off complaining that Democrats want to deprogram patriotic Americans (Qrumpers) from loving
their dear leader (Qrump). He went on for 5 minutes explaining how this makes Democrats into Communists.

If interested how they brainwash people.......go to 16:00 minute mark, hope this doesn't post their whole program.


Both our reQug Senators, Roger Q Marshall & Jerry Q Moran

voted today the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, rQger is a idiot and expected him to align with Qrump,
mQran was a surprise, thought he was savvy enough to look after his own ass. As more of Qrump's misdeeds
come to light this year and next, siding with trump will paint them as unworthy of the office they hold.
Good for them, Kansas could use some Democratic Senators for a change.

We should all follow Pelosi's lead, re "If the Q fits"

Every time we write/talk about reQugs we need to add the Qs to everyone and their organizations.
And we need to keep it up every day until they denounce Qanonsense, make it the face of their party!

7QQ Club, Faux Qews, reQublicans, Sen Roger Q Marshall (Q) KS, etc etc, lets hear your best ones
and remember to encourage everyone to use the Q term often. They made AOC the face of the
Democratic Party, let's make "pure nonsense" the face of theirs. Believe this is what Nancy is planning,
and she's leading the charge with "If the Q fits"

Jerry Moran's newsletter 2/1/2021

"The Constitution is where I go to find answers. Unfortunately, the Constitution does not clearly answer whether a former president can be impeached. This decision will set precedent for future Congresses in regards to impeachment, and I am clearly on the side that a former president should not be subject to impeachment."

Appears his mind is already made up, Qrump did no wrong.

"K C Chiefs win back to back Superbowls!"

This is the headline we'll be seeing in a week.

Biden should follow in George W Bush's footsteps

Bush started "The War on Terror", common sense tells us that would include all enemies foreign and domestic
(ie:republican). Surely Biden could create a new office/position/panel to look into homegrown terrorists, past,
present, & future. Hell, ask George W. to lead this new "War on Terror", would help divide the republican party.
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