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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 12:07 AM
Number of posts: 2,377

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The Curse of Oak Island.....new season starts tonight on History channel

Anyone have inside information if they found a treasure? At the beginning of last season I could of swore
the announcer said this was their last season but at the end it was "tune in next season". My gut feeling
is they have found what they were looking for and keeping it a secret to milk it for all it's worth viewer
wise. When they dug that 6 ft diameter hole and had the casing preventing a cave in, surely they starting
hand digging from there.

Watched 5 minutes each of Hannity & Ingraham Angle tonight

They were parroting the Team-Trump line complete with alternative facts and guests to reinforce them.
They are fanning the flames of hate against Biden & Democrats, keeping the trumpers mad their guy
lost. I pray that donnie doesn't suggest to them they take to the streets with their guns.

Biden needs to start a media blitz against Moscow Mitch.

And the sooner the better, get him off balance and keep him that way. Because we know how he operates when
there's a Democrat in the White House. Could even help with the Georgia Senate runoffs. No more "Mr Nice Guy"
and reaching across the aisle Joe, those days are long gone.

Lets start the rumor that all ballots the USPS hasn't delivered are Republican.

Now that Biden is leading in the remaining states, will donnie take the bait and demand all ballots be
counted including those with a late post mark? This whole scenario is so funny I can't quit laughing.
Will he have the Supreme Court step in and demand all mail-in ballots be delivered ASAP?

Georgia secedes from the Confederacy.

Sorry I meant Joegia.....

USPS failed to deliver a significant percentage of mail-in ballots


Some of the percentages in swing States are alarming.

How to help protect yourself from post-election violence and chaos....

tRump is like a rabid cornered animal, we have no idea what he's capable of telling his "stand back & stand by"
trumpers to do starting tonight or tomorrow out in the streets. Our Biden signs and bumper stickers have
served their purpose, so take them down and take that target off your back before tRump starts talking about
Biden voters. Please be safe in the coming days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an amateur next to trump when it comes to killing people

Worldometers is showing 101,461 new cases of coronavirus for today setting a new high record.
Little did we know when he started announcing "America First" he meant in death & disease.


Letter to my republican senators regarding Fascism & SCOTUS

Is FASCISM coming to America? They start by attacking the news media, know anyone who says "Fake News" a lot? They jail their opponents, ever hear crowds chanting "Lock Her Up"? Then they stack the courts in their favor to enshrine their power. You are aware DJT plans to use the SCOTUS to steal this election. By voting for Amy Coney Barrett you're enabling him to kill this NATION, the Republican party, and all your future reelection hopes as I will use everything available to ensure you're never reelected. Deep down you know that DJT is the wrong man for POTUS as we slide into FASCISM. Time to throw him under the BUS and save this Country.



...address & phone #

Copy, add to, subtract from, send something to your repug senator as time is running out.

Norton is #1 in the nation for coronavirus

There is currently no good news in what is a worsening major health crisis in Norton County, where COVID is close to having infected 10 percent of the population in less than two weeks and has developed into being the worst local outbreak in the entire United States.

While information is still lacking, the situation at the Andbe Home Long Term Care Facility is becoming a bit less murky, with the facility making national news, including segments on CBS, NBC and CNN.

Every single resident at Andbe 62 of them has caught the virus, with 10 of them dying.
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