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Hometown: Southwest Pa
Home country: United States
Current location: West Virginia
Member since: Thu Apr 2, 2020, 10:25 PM
Number of posts: 351

Journal Archives

Seven shot dead in Colorado Springs.

First mass shooting in Colorado since March 22 when 10 people were killed. MARCH 22! 49 days. And once again it is being treated as just the news.

Never mistake bluster for strength!

Rachel Maddow tonight.

Because I am a frequent contributor

to Democratic candidates, not a big spender, nickle, dime,quarter, plus tip, i get about eight text messages a day. If you don't respond, you will be removed from the rolls of................ You have been selected to take part in this exclusive survey for democratic voters in XXX county, donate............. Reading about all off the nefarious bullshit from Actred, sometimes I wonder that we are getting fed some of the same bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I trust Actblue, and yes i always add a tip.

Just seems like everytime there is a new democratic candidate any where in the country, I am getting an email asking for money. You will probably get a bit from me, but not today. Have you even won the primary yet? If no quit asking. Likie the bumper sticker on my car, Back Off Jack Off.

Thankfully, I am not stupid. Eight of eight texts a day get deleted. But then, once a week a do send twenty-five to someone.

What is your favorite name for our recent un-re-elected president?

Because of all the abusive and derogatory names that this un-re-elected person used, I have refused to get into his name calling. However, I thoroughly enjoy some of the names that fellow DU's come up with. I would start with some that my son has used but my fingers would fall off and burn in wherever. Ready a comment on a post today, I ran into Clownstick von Bodybags. Thank you Blue Owl for that. Let me see everybody's favorite moniker for that un-re-elected person.

Dear Republican governors,

It is not that I am boycotting your state. I am not a believer in boycotts. That's like telling someone else what to do. Although it is freedom of speech. I just would not feel safe in any environment that does not require wearing of masks. Yea, Yea about your personal freedom, but I have my personal freedom to stay healthy. I am a sixty-seven year old male heart attack survivor and I will not be threatening my heath and safety by visiting any establishment that does not require masks. Whether in your state your state or not.

As more and more people get vaccinations , I finally feel like I can venture out of my house again. People are not going to go anywhere unless they feel safe. You can blow smoke out your ass all you want, but most sensible people (had to add that caveat), are not going to be going out to eat just yet. Maybe as more and more people get vaccinated...............Forgot, you don't believe in that.

We have had a standing Wednesday hump day beer drinking get together. Every Wednesday 4:00 P,M at a local brewpub, up until last March. We are starting back up again Each and every one of us has had both shots. Yes. we are inside, and yes we still social distance. Because we care about each other. And we like the beer.

By your mandates of no masks, no shot cards, no social distancing, it is quite obvious that you don't give fuck about anybody but YOUR next election. People are starting to get fed up with your political bullshit. Not talking about democrats here. but all those republicans out there that are not totally batshit crazy.

Please forward to your own batshit crazy governor. ( and yes I did have RontDeStupid in mind

Ever Given starts to move

Source: vesselfinder.com

No excerpt.

Read more: vesselfinder.com

It appears that they are beginning to turn Ever Given. Slowly but surely.

Prepare for Texas Spring Break

I am sure that asshole Abbott is aware that Texas Spring Break is in the next week. It is time to release the Kraken on the ski slopes of Colorado. Second week of March, to the best of my knowledge is Texas Spring Break. Every school in Texas. We were unfortunate to be in Crested Butte for Texas spring break week one year. Every restaurant was packed to the gills with Texans. Not that I have a dislike of Texans, more of a dislike of crowds. This year should be defined as a super spreader event.

Worth the read, he is Lucian Truscott IV

Found on Salon.com. salon.com/2021/02/13/donald-trumps-last-stand-how-his-desperate-attempt-to-overturn-the-election-failed/


Stand down, stand by.

The only way that this is going to end,

not talking about the virus , that is another story, The only way that this is going to end is that Donald Trump and all of his enablers get convicted for all of their crimes. Treason is still or will soon be again a firing squad offense, thank you Donald for that. If there are not convictions then there is no rule of law. Each and every bone of these treasonous bastards needs to be held accountable, And then, Joe Biden needs to pardon Donald Trump. He needs to be found guilty first. Then as a country we can move on.The last thing that we need to do is create Donald Trump as a martyr.
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