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Gender: Female
Current location: India
Member since: Thu Jun 18, 2020, 11:40 AM
Number of posts: 497

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I am an old-timer. I posted here as nam78_two for 4-5 years (2004 or 5 to 2009-10) in the Bush, Obama years.

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That is rather darling.nt


I am sorry about your dad

Can't help much.....but I do send you sincere good wishes.
My mom is one week into treatment for Multiple Myeloma. I am her main nurse. We have some help but I want to be her main nurse while I can do it.

Already I cannot think beyond a day at a time. It is the pain that is most difficult to watch.
We have been permitted up to two tramadols (approx 80 mg) with acetaminophen a day but still it is no picnic. Thankfully, she is someone who dislikes intoxicants-never even had a glass of wine all her life. She only takes it when the pain is excruciating.

I would not be able to stand watching that

But this is basically why I am vegetarian.
I became vegan in 2003 after watching "Meat is murder". Could not pull that off so became vegetarian w/o factory-farmed eggs in the mix. Fell off the wagon a few times but always came back and am there to stay. Will try the vegan route someday.

Human cruelty knows no bounds when pushback is less likely. It is true of the elderly, disabled, poor etc. and above all of farm animals. I am shocked at the sheer scale of cruelty this sub-set of life-forms endures sans any protections. It is absurdly illogical.



Thanks Skinner

It is a bummer you are leaving but I wish you all the best in your future ventures. I wish there was a way to follow you without using one of the behemoths (google, facebook etc.) -oh well. That is why du is the only kind of social internet use I do ;-/. I do wish you all the best.

Can someone interpret this -Possible Myeloma

My mom is not doing well. We are worried it could be myeloma.

I am only looking for anecdotal stuff. We are getting medical care. But I would like to know if any of this sounds familiar to someone with a Multiple Myeloma or other cancer diagnosis.

We have to wait a hellish 3 days for test results (biopsy and serum protein electrophoresis).

My mom developed the following symptoms rapidly over the last 2 months (not sure if it is relevant but she had just stopped a diabetes medication Metformin which might have tumor suppressing properties): anemia, rapid weight loss(approx. 7 kg), fatigue, loss of appetite, back pain, nausea, edema in 1 leg. A few of these have subsided a little.

Mom's bloodwork came back yesterday with this:

Peripheral Smear:
RBC-mild hypochromia, few microcytes
WBC-Leucopenia, neutrophil predominates

Impression: pancytopenia

Bone Marrow: particles+cellular

erythroid-normoblastic with few megaloblasts

myeloid decreased; all cells of myeloid maturation seen; plenty of atypical cells seen-possibly of lymphoid origin.

Megakaryocyte - Decreased

Suggestive of:
(1) Lymphoproliferative disorder with plasmacytoid lymphocytes. R/o lymphoma

(2) R/o Plasma cell dyscrasias
(there was a check mark against this-possibly indicating that further investigations are required).

Some of that is about anemia...I knew a bit about lymphocytes once upon a time. But my brain is just not working. I googled most of that and it generally brings up cancer. But if you have any personal accounts I would like to hear them.

I am tense. We are very close..we are a very small family unit..just three people..mom, dad and I...

Thanks in advance for any info..
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