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Member since: Sun Aug 16, 2020, 07:44 PM
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I think Democrats can quit beating themselves up just a little

Any fan of Cold War spy novels knows that there is an incredible amount of espionage going on all the time. I even had an old boyfriend who admitted to working the for the CIA and not the Culinary Institute of America. It was long after the fact and I would have strangled him had I known at the time, but that is immaterial.

What I am saying here is that the US has been subjected to the greatest espionage efforts ever organized and we WON. We got Joe Biden and yes, we still have problems, but Putin did not WIN. He woke us up.

I hope that we have learned our lessons here. I hope that Democrats always doubt any repug or right wing generated noise because it may very well be espionage in disguise.

Our home grown terrorists are not OUR home grown terrorists, but are the puppets of anti-American espionage disguised as patriotism.

will no one rid us

of these fake news outlets? Where are the real patriots who will storm their walls and demand that they PROVE their petty allegations? Marat, we're poor, and the poor stay poor. Marat, we can't wait any more. These 'entertainment' entities posing as 'news' need to be brought down NOW.

Doing some research and ran across this


Some very interesting information. I am not a a scientist and not very knowledable about math, but this made a lot of sense to me as a lay person.

This has been smoldering for a few days

As an old hippy protester, I remember government tactics and one of the most effective was simply arresting people for almost anything regardless of whether it was relative to the action or even legitimate. The theory was that repeated arrests do several things. First, they temporarily take that individual out of action. Second, they frequently cost someone something to get the individual out on bail, making already limited financial assets even more so. Third, they often (depending on who is arrested) take the focus of the movement away from the primary objective into a secondary objective, to obtain the release of the protestor. Fourth, until the arrest can be resolved and/or expunged, the individual arrested has one more incident on his or her record giving the police even more reason to arrest him or her again. Fifth, if he or she finally does go to trial drag out the process until every legal option has been taken to counter misinformation and outright lies. Rinse, wash, repeat. It is actually quite effective and one of the main reasons Leonard Peltier is still in prison for something he didn't do.

Therefore, all the delays that everyone complains about with regards to the old man in Florida and 1/6 have numerous benefits for those doing the arresting.

I certainly don't condone those tactics, but I have to admit they are often effective.

Just a thought.
Posted by dianaredwing | Thu Jun 3, 2021, 11:20 AM (7 replies)

I know its rude, but I have to ask

why are all the repugs so ugly? I mean, you'd think a photographer would at least once in a while catch one of them with a pleasant expression, but no???? Its like they never listened to their mama when she said, 'don't be making faces like that or your face will freeze and you'll look that way forever.'

Just thinking....

No wonder the repugs are so freaked out. If AOC somehow caused their power grid to crash and at the same time as she brought a YUGE winter storm AND we somehow stole the election AND then Rush Limbaugh dies, I mean, there's some real power there. Where is their great orange mighty god and savior?

He's stinking up the whole country

Just put him out with the trash, just be careful its not the recycle bin. A nice stinky landfill would be nice, particularly one with some vultures with very strong stomachs.

Relatively new to DU

and I have to admit that after the election, I thought the discussions would be pretty boring without you know who to screw up a hundred times a day. But his minions are far more entertaining than he was and some are not even as ugly. Plus, he was getting to be sooooo predictable and these yahoos come up with new and impossible plot turns all the time. I mean who could have made up the My Pillow guy or MTG and the space lasers? They wouldn't have been possible even in the worst B movie or trash fiction, but here they are and they are soooooo CLUELESS. It's more fun to read your comments than it was with the orange monster. Thanks for the entertainment. And the comics are priceless.

I mean, I know it is serious and I sincerely hope that they somehow can take away the batshit crazy ones' guns before someone else gets hurt, but in the meantime, I'll take my laughs where I can get them. Nearly a year of lock down is the only excuse I have.

My first pick was Bernie because I'm an old hippie, but it wasn't long before I knew that Joe and Kamala were the A team. Thank whoever is out there and especially Stacy Abrams and Georgia for squeaking us through.

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