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Member since: Fri Aug 21, 2020, 06:42 AM
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Kanye found committing election fraud in Oklahoma too


He submitted signatures on his application for Oklahoma residents who had no idea they were being submitted.

How has this psycho and his Republican operatives not been charged in any states yet? Almost every state he's submitted for has rejected his application due to fraud. I still can't believe Colorado approved it.

Tucker Carlson encouraging domestic terrorism on Fox tonight.


How can we get a movement going to get him fired and Fox shut down? The Constitution does not protect incitement of terrorism. Fox could be held criminally liable for this.

I just feel so helpless to do anything about all this crap.

Hurricane Laura just upgraded to 150 mph.

Hurricane hunters just flew through Laura and detected 150 mph winds and it could still strengthen.

For reference, 157 is a Category 5 and I don't think this region has ever seen over a Category 3.
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