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Member since: Sun Sep 6, 2020, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 1,831

About Me

59 y/o guy stuck in red Texas

Journal Archives

What happens to the election if

trump gets sick for a few weeks ?
Can the rethugs delay the election ?
What happens if he is hospitalized passed election day ?
Could this be his scheme ?


Donald you're lying agaun.
Donald why do you constantly lie ?
No Donald you're lying.

Mary Trump said he hates to be called Donald

I Bet all other Countries were laughing their ass off

at the orange clown last night, he looked like the clown on Red Skelton show

Were the evangelicals proud last night

of orange jesus ?

In the next debate

Wallace should ask a question to Either one and then him and Joe just don't say a word and see how long the idiot will blabber lies.
And Joe just smile and say next question.

Turned out to be a Chris Wallace trump debate

Wallace was debating trump on when he would shut up

Trump looks like a fool

they should let him rant and lie as long as he wants , just be quiet and let him run his fool mouth

Trump just lost the election

He looks like what he is.


The Orange Clown

America should refuse to pay

We should all stop paying Federal income tax until he is prosecuted for tax fraud.
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