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newdayneeded's Journal
newdayneeded's Journal
April 8, 2023

Is this what the founding fathers wanted?

1 judge, 1 single judge, can force women of all ages to give birth? 1 judge, can now completely strip away, laws, safety nets, needed medications?

What the fuck is happening to this country!

April 7, 2023

Today makes it official, fascism is here.

Today they officially turned the "open fascism" light on in the window. Expelling congress members, WI gop discussing impeachment of a judge who hasn't even been on the job for a week.

We are 1930s Germany. What will this country look like in 10 years?

April 6, 2023

Switching parties

Maybe we need a new law in this country. if an elected person decides to change party affiliation, the spot should be vacated for 6 months, then a special election run with them and an apponent from their previous party. if they win, oh well, the switch happens. But at least it would be contested.

I'm afraid now, that Santos might have been a trial balloon to see if a person can outright lie to win an election. The answer is yes. Judging by NCs democratic switch recently, this may be the rights new playbook, campaign unknowns with solid dem messaging, get into office and switch.

I hate these fuckers!

April 5, 2023

Let's take a huge step back for a second

How fucking ugly of a guy are you that you would have to pay $130,000 to get laid!

April 5, 2023

Just listening to trumps speech

from last night.


Hunters laptop, everybody's out to get him, he named at least 3 "hoaxes", energy independence in 6 months. oh, and perfect call. LOL!!

this guy is fucking delusional!!!

Crowd is actually very quiet except where they are cued to cheer.

April 4, 2023

Tell me if this is plausible:

This indictment was allowed to go through because it was the weakest of the bunch. The intent would be to appease the democratic masses with an issuing of an indictment. An indictment that could maybe end up with zero prison time but heavy fines, and maybe public service speaking, something like that. (not at all what I want for the dickhead)

The DOJ could say, hey we got trump in on an indictment, but the other cases will take much longer to sort out. like I said, a sort of appeasement. Hoping DU does cartwheels over a 5 million dollar fine but no jail time.

Whether you think this is right or wrong, I just want to know if this is plausible in your eyes.

April 3, 2023

trumps plane!

cop cars are just showing up. I think it's happening!

Plane inspection has started!

April 2, 2023

Follow up to DeSantis trump message

I think that when the arrangement hearing is complete and all 30+ charges are read, we'll get an even clearer picture of the gop trump stance. if these charges are really hard core felonies, you might finally see repubs like DeSantis finally make his break from trump. McConnell, Pence, Romney, some other repub governors, etc too. Making statements like, "well the charges seam weak or overzealous but trump will now have to have his day in court and let the trials run their course"

In otherwords, quietly washing their hands of him.

Well see!

April 1, 2023

DeSantis statement on extradition

There's no way he typed that statement about not following the law about extradition of trump. Basically because he was fist pumping one hand in celebration of trump getting indicted.

That whole statement was just trying to gather the MAGA crowd behind him.

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