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halfulglas's Journal
halfulglas's Journal
July 26, 2023

One thing I never hear from the media coverage about the slaves "being taught marketable skills"

Discussion is the fact that those skills rarely benefited the enslaved person until he was free other than sometimes slightly better living conditions. Those skills - blacksmithing, etc., if they resulted in payment for services, the payment went to the slaveowner, not to the enslaved person. Those skills were to enhance the wealth of the slaveowner. If he trained the slaves in skills that were needed on his property, he owed less to others for necessary services. EVERYTHING was done to increase the owner's wealth. Just having the slaves increased his wealth because they were property and could be used for collateral when money was to be borrowed from the bank. Slaves were sometimes rented out to a neighbor for work for which the slaveholder was paid. If we can't change anything in the Florida educational system this year, the least we can do is not let them get away with the gaslighting.

Slavery is the original sin of this country and cannot be whitewashed.

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I'm retired, ex-medical secretary, ex-medical transcriptionist. A grandmother. Lifelong Democrat.

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