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2Gingersnaps's Journal
2Gingersnaps's Journal
February 15, 2022

Do Facebook and Twitter exist to support stochastic terrorism? Or is it just a marketable bonus?

maxRrandb posted in General Discussion this morning "It's amazing how the media handles right wing bullshit." And amazing it is. The Durham Report has a most recent nothing burger that has set the right wing media on fire! Dear Leader himself proclaimed that Hillary should be HUNG FOR TREASON! FULL STOP. Hung for treason, now where did we not so long ago here that? Oh yeah, Mike Pence was going to be hung, by a whole bunch of "freedom loving patriots" who had just heard several rousing speeches; Rudy, Don Jr., Madison Cawthorn, Ted Cruz, even the man of the hour himself. And the crowd turned around and committed an assault on the Capitol Police and then the Capitol itself, complete with noose to hang Mike Pence.

I quit FB sometime back, I believed it was fomenting right wing extremism, it was spreading Covid disinformation, and the attacks on Dr. Fauci, election officials, OAC, or any Republican who did not tow the line had so taken root that Dr. Fauci before Congress outright told Rand Paul his incitement, that conveniently benefited him with fund drives, literally threatened Dr. Fauci's life. Rand Paul was unchastened. He is making campaign commercials for Candidate Mike Gibbons for Senate in Ohio with the request that we help him fight Dr. Fauci.

Friday night Special Counsel John Durham made new court filings that a lawyer working for Democrats shared data with a Federal Agency. The right wing outlets were on fire, and by Monday were outraged that the mainstream outlets did not share their outrage. I cannot speak to Facebook as I said, but I do twitter, so of course it was all over twitter. Confused, I checked various media outlets and a couple of news aggregate sites on line to see what the fuss was about. No one seemed to have much except the right wing sites. So, OK I thought my usual trusted sources say nothing burger, moving on.

There really was not much on Twitter about it that I saw because of course I weed out right wing news sources. Someone did post Donald Trump's statement, that not only referred to Mr. Durham as "Robert" but also called for Hillary to be hung. OK, typical bombastic ignorant rhetoric.....and then it exploded. Don Jr., Eric, Jonah Goldberg! Jonah Goldberg who just quit FOX because of the lies and rhetoric that were stoking violence!

LOL! I posted to Eric and Don Jr., maybe even Jonah..."You can hold your breath until Hillary is arrested! Or some such. And guess who got a 12 hour suspension for "inciting self harm" for the use of the idiom "you can hold your breath?" Now, Hillary was about to be hung for treason according to some of these posts, I assume a hanging is a little more harmful than holding your breath. Am I old? Do I read too much? Do I use anachronistic language? I appealed the decision that "you can hold your breath" implies that Eric should hold his breath beyond turning blue in the face. They upheld their decision and found two more times I had said that.

So, yeah, I am old, I Googled to see if that was just a local regional thing literate people never heard of, Google:

Meaning of don't hold your breath in English
https://dictionary.cambridge.org › dictionary › don-t-h...
6 days ago — used to tell someone not to expect something to happen for a very long time: She said she'd get back to us, but don't hold your breath!

So let me get this straight Twitter, incitements to political violence, as subtly suggested as Rand Paul to do violence to Dr. Fauci, subtle or not so subtle support for truckers being incited online and financially supported for six day protests that shut down bridges between two sovereign nations, "legitimate political discourse" to attack Capitol officers, attack Congress people, and to hang the Vice President, a call on twitter to hang Hillary Clinton by that same source...."legitimate political discourse," "hold your breath till that happens" incitement to self harm? I have enjoyed Twitter in the brief time I have been there, primarily because it was easier to block the nasties. I think it is time to leave that, and write my Senator about the level of Stochastic terrorism online.

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