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SouthernDem4ever's Journal
SouthernDem4ever's Journal
March 2, 2022

I hope our Federal Government is keeping a close watch on Putin's American assets

Like, trump. The CIA and FBI need to make sure Putin isn't trying to attack us from within with the help of residents of the U.S. ready to do his bidding -whether they are from Russia or not.

February 26, 2022

Media needs to stop the BS about Gas prices, supply chain, blah blah blah

People are dying for no reason. That should override their stupid media click bait crap about the hits on our economy. We need to bite the bullet and deal with any fallout from the Russian invasions. The more we can endure the more lives might be saved. Any media company whining about gas prices while a sovereign country is undergoing an unprovoked attack from a huge bully doesn't deserve to be heard - period. Also, any oil company who is inflating prices unnecessarily and trying to maximize profits at this moment doesn't deserve our business any longer, now or after the conflict is over.

January 24, 2022

Heard announcement this morning there are republicans calling for Biden to send support to Ukraine

Are they kidding me? The same morons who blindly supported that orange buffoon and his deliberate attempt to weaken our position in Ukraine for his BFF Putin? Do these idiots think no one remembers? Of course, that's just as stupid as the repub senators or congressmen taking credit for the aid being sent to their districts, AFTER they voted against every effort. As Mike Malloy would say, "Did I say today how much I hate these people?"

January 23, 2022

To MSNBC: Please stop showing pictures of trump and family

I usually watch MSNBC if I am going to watch a news/commentary at all but I can hardly tolerate the pictures they keep flashing of trump and his minions (family are minions too). Their images disgust me. Add to that Bill Barr and Rudy Guliani. They are reprehensible human beings that don't need to be seen to be discussed. Every time they show their pictures I have to reach for a barf bag. Next time show a picture of a sloth with a trump wig. At least that would give some amusement to an otherwise dismal situation.

January 18, 2022

Manchin and Sinema need a clue

Manchin and Sinema as well as any Republican with half a brain need to pass voting rights legislation so we can purge our government of insurrectionists. They forget to realize that the reason why they aren't receiving death threats and bloody horse heads is because Democrats are civilized. Obviously they would like to promote this white supremacists civil war being threatened or they would pass this legislation. They don't see that sooner or later it will come around to them.

January 14, 2022

Nobility doesn't exist in the republican party

The republican party continues it's stand against anything truthful or noble. This is obvious by the fact that not one senator cares if we have legal, fair elections in the United States. Even Susan Collins is unconcerned. How these people wake and a look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me but each bears a responsibility for the total meltdown in our democracy along with fake sen's Manchin and Sinema. What a disgusting display of narcissism. Allowing state legislators the ability to pass awful voting laws, shows what awful people they have become. I will never again look at any of them with an ounce of respect. it's completely disgusting.

January 5, 2022

my 2 cents about the vaccines

My family is living proof they work. During the holidays, we had 2 family members stay with us. We were vaccinated and had the boosters just 3 weeks ago as did one of our visitors. The fourth visitor who was vaxxed 6 mos ago, came with a slight cough which got worse during the week, slight fever commenced and he felt crappy. He tested positive. Never had to be hospitalized, but the real interesting part is the remaining three of us that were boosted never got symptoms or ever tested positive. We tested twice the week after we parted company. We sat with a symptomatic person for a week, playing board games, talking around the table, etc. It was obvious to us, boosters work! We are in our mid 60's. Just had to give cudos to the scientists that spent their life learning how to develop vaccines to save our lives.

September 14, 2021

How long can the GOP Clown Show go on?

Is the GOP Clown Show becoming a problem for them? The GOP clown show of really weird and narcissistic politicians was working for them, but it seems the public is growing weary and they have no where to go but down. The carnival barkers have proven to be emperors with no clothes. The GOP version of governance is no governing at all. They just like to collect the lifelong pension and gold plated benefits while leaving the country in shambles, distrust and division. They have no morals or good intentions towards the USA. They act as if disrupting is all they have too do, and that is really all they have done. They use the government for their own enrichment. They worship a con-man as their savior. They use religion, guns and abortion as wedge issues to keep everyone divided while doing nothing good for society. They completely disrespect the rule of law that they swore to protect. I hope the circus will be over soon. When it is, can we make the elephants clean up their own mess, or at least pay for it?

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