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SouthernDem4ever's Journal
SouthernDem4ever's Journal
June 11, 2022

If the US faces another insurrection, The Murdoch family will be the cause

Fox Noise and it's collective asshole which includes Hannity, Carlson, Ingram and Gingrich are continually lying and propagandizing an already incredibly ignorant audience who will just go into a chaotic frenzy if anyone one of their heroes have to face justice. They talked over an official hearing with as much BS as Barr said trump was spreading. Gingrich keeps trying to save his own turkey neck by following his old playbook which has been outdated for 20 years. Only the truly gullible will continue to fall for it.

June 3, 2022

'How dare you?': Louie Gohmert has emotional outburst at gun bill hearing

Andrew Feinberg
Thu, June 2, 2022 at 3:14 PM

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert had an emotional outburst after Democratic representatives suggested Republicans’ opposition to new restrictions on firearm ownership put them on the side of the mass killers who’ve perpetrated shootings in several American cities over the last month.


Mr Gohmert, a Texas Republican, said on Thursday it was “an outrage” that his colleagues would imply Republicans “must be here for the gunmen” during a House Judiciary Committee markup of legislation to raise the age at which Americans can purchase high-powered military-style rifles from 18 to 21.

Sitting in his home office and appearing at the markup remotely, he became visibly agitated as he railed against his Democratic colleagues.

“How dare you — you think we don’t have hearts? It’s just that when we look at the things that you're doing, and you're trying to do to America, we've seen the carnage,” he said, segueing into a common GOP trope which blames Democratic mayors in cities with large Black populations for the prevalence of gun violence there.

“Democrats control the major cities that have the worst murder rates — your ideas have been shown to get people killed,” he said as he began to accuse Democrats of being on the side of those who commit acts of violence in jurisdictions under their control.

“You here for the murderers, the murderers in Chicago, in Philadelphia in these other major cities, because you're wanting to do nationally, what is being done by Democrats in those big cities,” he said, adding that he and his GOP colleagues “care deeply” about the lives of victims of violence in those cities and calling Democrats “arrogant people” who were “attributing murder to those of us that want to do things to stop it” because — in his view — Democratic leaders in those cities are responsible for those murders.

Just when you thought republicans couldn't get any more vile - this a$$hole proves me wrong. Gohmert is a lunatic.

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