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Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2021, 01:20 AM
Number of posts: 405

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Republicans Want People to Die

Posted without further comment. None is necessary


Wendy's Drive-Thru orders to be taken by a ChatBot

It appears that Wendy's will no longer need the services of humans when taking orders from the drive-thru window.

Just imagine. If all companies were able to dispense with all human employees, then they could shut themselves down for lack of customers.


Moscow lighting up ahead of tomorrow's celebration


Would it be appropriate to exclaim "Holy Smokes!" under these circumstances?

When you know that they are hiring morons to be police

I just came across this report. It shows a California CHP officer handcuffing and arresting a First Responder firefighter for blocking the road, at the scene of an accident, while the firefighters are trying to extricate and care for injured accident victims.

I think it is time to start requiring that, at a minimum, all police must have an IQ which exceeds their shoe size.

Don't Be A Sucker!

Was a post WW-II training film, made by the War Department to try to immunize our troops against the kind of fascist propaganda that caused the downfall of Germany.
Take my word for it. Watch the first 5 minutes and you will stay for the rest. It so describes what is currently happening it is eerie.

So I just replied to an e-mail from Walgreens

I just got an e-mail from Walgreen's with the title "Where Did You Go?" I thought I would share what I sent back to them, especially since after I hit "SEND" on their website, it was not at all clear to me that the message actually went all the way through.

This is in response to an e-mail I received with the title "Where Did You Go"

I thought it might be of some value to let you know why I will no longer be shopping at, or ordering from Walgreens, now or in the future.

As an elderly male, it is hardly something that directly impacts me at the moment, but, your Corporate policies with regard to Mifepristone, and your decision to play games with where and to whom it will be dispensed have caused me to decline to do any further business with your company.

Women have the right to full health care, without having to second guess whether their local drugstore will provide them the medicines required for their current health issues, or whether the store will be under the control of a political minority who seeks to disrupt the availability of some treatments to some individuals, based on their own religious dogmas and delusions.

Beyond this immediate issue, you have shown that I cannot trust you to be there for me or my family when a moment of need comes around. You have shown that your first response will be to check with your political masters, not just provide the medicines and care that are needed at the time.

Ever see something Almost right at first glance?

Today, I was going through my e-mails, and one of them had an offer in it that stopped me cold for an instant. It was an offer to set me up with free autopay. But, on the first glance, it looked like they were offering me a free autopsy.

I guess this is just another manifestation of Oldztheimers Syndrome.

Some examples of why the police really need to hire officers whose IQ's exceed their shoe size

Isn't it written that one definition of insanity

is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results?

(Just asking for a friend)

If the current Duke Energy Outage Map is current, and to be believed

Then this incident has demonstrated loudly and clearly how a small group of dedicated terrorists can disable large swaths of the US quickly and readily. It demonstrates that the availability of spare parts and skilled workers is so limited that they can't get one county in NC back up and running. Imagine a more sophisticated and disseminated attack plan.

Link to current outage map (now Tuesday evening, this started Saturday evening):
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