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Member since: Thu Jul 7, 2022, 07:47 PM
Number of posts: 1,130

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What a shame

Karma won't be kind to those two.

(Sorry I posted twice. Got a message that my first post didn't go through, so I revised it. So Sorry).

The difference

I see is fuel is a necessity for many reasons. Cigarettes are not.

I care

Congratulations to them!


Fine. If one believes choice is immoral then donít choose to end a pregnancy. But, donít take away the right of others to choose. Itís a medical decision that religions should not dictate to everyone in America. In my view.

Mary Trump?

She wrote a whole book on him. It was terrific.


Oh, I see it was corrected.

Who said she was pushed?

I think the autopsy will clarify things.

As hard as I try

I just cannot read his posts no matter how true they may be. The language is just too much. Sorry


That was so great to watch. Wish it was more than 23 seconds


She isn't to blame for Benedict Orange's sins. Condolences to her children. It's always sad to lose your mother.
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