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This makes me happy🤗 dewsgirl Jan 2018 #1
Ditto. n/t Different Drummer Jan 2018 #4
Made me some money SCantiGOP Jan 2018 #47
I am happy to piss on Trump's parade. muntrv Jan 2018 #2
AHHHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2018 #3
the guests paid $100,000 to $250,000 to be at the party womanofthehills Jan 2018 #42
For $500,000 you get to let him spank you with a copy of the National Enquirer. Bluepinky Jan 2018 #65
Hope it causes him a stroke? lastlib Jan 2018 #55
Yes, we are that mean jmowreader Jan 2018 #89
Boo fucking hoo! BigmanPigman Jan 2018 #5
Precisely! 3catwoman3 Jan 2018 #78
Narcissists are typically very angry when anything inconveniences them even Irish_Dem Jan 2018 #6
+1, but I hope it doesn't hurt any of us l their self-esteem is threatened also lunasun Jan 2018 #33
Yes as they get cornered their danger level increases, but it appears there are minders Irish_Dem Jan 2018 #35
Button button whoever has it ...hide it lunasun Jan 2018 #36
I think the tweeting is a good safety valve for him. Irish_Dem Jan 2018 #38
True lunasun Jan 2018 #41
Exactly, give the baby something to keep him busy. nt Irish_Dem Jan 2018 #62
This! Pacifist Patriot Jan 2018 #77
Awww. Poor widdle Shitler. A nations needs come before ego stroking? Roland99 Jan 2018 #7
Someone left the cakes out in the rain? C_U_L8R Jan 2018 #8
"Someone left the cakes out in the rain".. Kittycow Jan 2018 #34
Maybe you should have done some actual work in the weeks prior, Dumpf! nt appal_jack Jan 2018 #9
Is the party going on without him? left-of-center2012 Jan 2018 #10
I wonder about that, too. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2018 #84
He'll fold. Kingofalldems Jan 2018 #11
How Do You Think Melania Feels About Cheatin' Don.... Grassy Knoll Jan 2018 #12
Yes, it's so touching that Cheeto is upset that he can't spend a romantic evening spooky3 Jan 2018 #26
Reason enough not to vote for the CR CanonRay Jan 2018 #13
WahWah! take trump AWAY Cha Jan 2018 #14
The Ds shouldn't agree until Sunday. Ilsa Jan 2018 #15
Also he should stay in town long enough to see the massive protest rally FakeNoose Jan 2018 #73
Yeah who cares about the damn country I got a party to go to! unblock Jan 2018 #16
If there is a party in his honor with A-listers willing to suck up on camera Freethinker65 Jan 2018 #17
Lots of pictures should be taken of his guests. Ilsa Jan 2018 #80
what a fucking baby bdamomma Jan 2018 #18
Bwahaahahahaha! smirkymonkey Jan 2018 #19
Wait until tomorrow's march---the sea of pussy hats.... panader0 Jan 2018 #20
may send him over the edge bdamomma Jan 2018 #22
they will have a better time without the buffoon Motley13 Jan 2018 #21
Makes my night! kairos12 Jan 2018 #23
Someone tell him the Govt shutdown will shutter all the McDonalds. FSogol Jan 2018 #24
The only person he should blame is General Kelly. DURHAM D Jan 2018 #25
Whom to blame? That depends... keithbvadu2 Jan 2018 #49
This should be plastered bdamomma Jan 2018 #92
Dotard does not care about his earlier lies. keithbvadu2 Jan 2018 #93
I couldnt be happier. nolabear Jan 2018 #27
Translation: no golfing GusBob Jan 2018 #28
Good! I'm glad! Takket Jan 2018 #29
Dear Donny, Suck it up buttercup. cstanleytech Jan 2018 #30
Would Be a Good Time to Spend Some Time with the Wife To Discuss Sex with Porn Star Stallion Jan 2018 #31
Hey! Where are all the religious nuts on that subject? flibbitygiblets Jan 2018 #50
I think for the men at least LiberalLovinLug Jan 2018 #91
Yay. dchill Jan 2018 #32
Awesome. nt BootinUp Jan 2018 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Kajun Gal Jan 2018 #39
May be Trump's public reaction, but somewhere his valentine, Putin, is smiling, FailureToCommunicate Jan 2018 #40
He can blame himself. L. Coyote Jan 2018 #43
Once again, the real victim is poor, poor Donald Trump. tclambert Jan 2018 #44
The ultimate failure is zentrum Jan 2018 #45
my wine suddenly tastes a little better.... dhill926 Jan 2018 #46
And here D_Master81 Jan 2018 #48
Lessee If I Got This Right... Leith Jan 2018 #51
Go ahead...Shithole....celebrate your anniversary at Mar A Lago ollie10 Jan 2018 #52
Or Shart of the Deal Fritz Walter Jan 2018 #75
He can ask David Vitter for a competent prostitute. keithbvadu2 Jan 2018 #94
Hey Dump! roamer65 Jan 2018 #53
Shucks ailsagirl Jan 2018 #54
Where did I put that itty-bitty violin? Retrograde Jan 2018 #56
Great news, brings a smile to my face the baby is not going to get his big party yeah! kimbutgar Jan 2018 #57
And yet again, Liberalagogo Jan 2018 #58
LOL MustLoveBeagles Jan 2018 #59
Golly Hekate Jan 2018 #60
Good. LisaM Jan 2018 #61
Now, if only his rage would blow up the excuse for a heart in his chest and end him for us all... Moostache Jan 2018 #63
Trump'll miss out on being Prom King @ his GraftFest and its millions in bribe bucks. stuffmatters Jan 2018 #64
I'm sure she's right DFW Jan 2018 #66
I hope that $100K includes a bottle of hand sanitizer. Buns_of_Fire Jan 2018 #90
It's Trump's fault. If he had agreed to the Durbin/Graham plan, he'd be teeing up pretty soon. Vinca Jan 2018 #67
That's right. Ligyron Jan 2018 #83
Awww, poor widdle ASSHOLE MoonRiver Jan 2018 #68
Congress had a bipartisan agreement and Drumpf chose to rant about "shithole" countries instead BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #69
Boo fucking hoo. GoCubsGo Jan 2018 #70
Tough sh*t, sh*tler. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #71
Awww...poor orange piece of shit. Demsrule86 Jan 2018 #72
It's the only glimmer of light in this whole sordid affair. lark Jan 2018 #74
Trump can't lead & RepubliCONs can't govern. It's all a fraudulent mess of corruption Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2018 #76
Oh that poor, poor man. LOL. Downtown Hound Jan 2018 #79
LOL the idiot was looking forward to gloating on his anniversary? what has he achieved but death & onetexan Jan 2018 #81
There is no way he can lie this one out of the history books malaise Jan 2018 #82
Best possible outcome... BobTheSubgenius Jan 2018 #85
Why do I have a feeling that he'll go anyway? They_Live Jan 2018 #86
Emergency! orangecrush Jan 2018 #87
An overdue reality check for Trump Az_lefty Jan 2018 #88
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