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NYT underpants Jan 2018 #1
Think of the infrastructure that could have been fixed with the malaise Jan 2018 #7
It was pointed out in the article Mc Mike Jan 2018 #2
Because that mattered to them more than anything else malaise Jan 2018 #6
And their flunky fool followers can celebrate their 'victory' Mc Mike Jan 2018 #9
Dems to ReTHUGs -We're Not Gonna Take It malaise Jan 2018 #10
Nothing today in Pittsburgh. Going tomorrow, though. Solidarity. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #11
And 30 years later this still resonates BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #24
Yes indeed malaise Jan 2018 #25
CLASSIC BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #26
Yes - great song. malaise Jan 2018 #27
That's because he doesn't want to welcome BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #28
"Talking about infrastructure is fantasy." BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #13
We're scoring Ds and Fs on our infrastructure ratings. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #15
Yup BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #16
I remember a Tom Tomorrow cartoon from the li'l bush days Mc Mike Jan 2018 #19
Most corrupt and failing 3rd world countries have crumbling infrastructure Farmer-Rick Jan 2018 #21
He's a wanna be tinpot dictator. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #22
I'm just glad that some stuff got fixed under Obama with ARRA (the "stimulus"), i.e., BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #23
Repub infrastructure plans involve selling it off... Wounded Bear Jan 2018 #35
The privatization of the highways was also on their agenda for the legislation. BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #36
Theme suggestion for marches & protests: Sharks with sherrif badges saying Mueller. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2018 #3
Most excellent malaise Jan 2018 #5
Willie Nelson music for breakfast is a first here and it works. Thank You IADEMO2004 Jan 2018 #4
One more just for you -Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) malaise Jan 2018 #8
My sons replayed to death the VHS of this. When their Mom was out of the house. True Classic IADEMO2004 Jan 2018 #12
Ha - a real classic malaise Jan 2018 #17
And the distaff BumRushDaShow Jan 2018 #14
Great one - I posted this one upthread but it's worth adding the link malaise Jan 2018 #18
For attendees: Youre bribing the president sharedvalues Jan 2018 #20
The lovely Ms. Lesley Gore would like to weigh in, as well. Dave Starsky Jan 2018 #29
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That was almost my first selection malaise Jan 2018 #30
I was just thinking of Willie Nelson. Hugin Jan 2018 #31
That is so fabulous - you were doing way more than thinking of him malaise Jan 2018 #32
TY. Hugin Jan 2018 #33
K&R... spanone Jan 2018 #34
Big Fucking Shark Behind You! frogmarch Jan 2018 #37
The great white racist liar is afraid of sharks malaise Jan 2018 #38
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