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Prophet 451

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19. Unfortunately, Miller went cuckoo sometime around 2000
Tue Jul 24, 2012, 11:02 PM
Jul 2012

His follow-up, The Dark Knight Strikes Again was atrocious and ended with Superman effectively declaring himself dictator (and this was presented as a good thing) and his Holy Terror! was so racist that DC refused to let him use Batman in it.

Win. WilliamPitt Jul 2012 #1
K&R for kitten and squirrel picture. closeupready Jul 2012 #2
K&R from me too RockaFowler Jul 2012 #24
Batman has never liked guns Drale Jul 2012 #3
Nor did Superman... Scootaloo Jul 2012 #5
Superman was afraid of guns. Recovered Repug Jul 2012 #9
Nah, he loves 'em cthulu2016 Jul 2012 #10
Something to do with having watched his parents shot dead as a boy? n/t backscatter712 Jul 2012 #13
Except for when he actually used them. jp11 Jul 2012 #17
No bout adoubt it... -..__... Jul 2012 #25
I remember that part. Alduin Jul 2012 #4
I saw the film on Monday ChazII Jul 2012 #6
Batman doesn't believe in killing...anyone. Odious justice Jul 2012 #7
Except the Joker cthulu2016 Jul 2012 #11
He doesn't kill the Joker. boxman15 Jul 2012 #16
My bad. I thought he dropped him. cthulu2016 Jul 2012 #18
I have the 1986 Frank Miller hardback edition reflection Jul 2012 #8
And Superman is the government tool in that one Odious justice Jul 2012 #12
From what I've heard of the movie reflection Jul 2012 #14
Unfortunately, Miller went cuckoo sometime around 2000 Prophet 451 Jul 2012 #19
Really? reflection Jul 2012 #22
Miller is a right-wing nutjob now. Ikonoklast Jul 2012 #23
Wow. What a drooling slack-jawed meat slapper. reflection Jul 2012 #26
It's tragic, in a way Prophet 451 Jul 2012 #29
Thank you for the recommendations at the end of your post. reflection Jul 2012 #30
Pick up Killing Joke and the Arkam series as well Odious justice Jul 2012 #31
Will do. Thanks. n/t reflection Jul 2012 #32
Precious Aerows Jul 2012 #15
Batman has been very anti-gun since the early Forties Prophet 451 Jul 2012 #20
Oh that goes back to the begining when the property first was created nadinbrzezinski Jul 2012 #21
Bruce Wayne watched as a man with a gun murdered his mother and father. sarge43 Jul 2012 #27
But the Joker used guns and explosives Larkspur Jul 2012 #28
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