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4. I've also heard that it could be
Mon Mar 5, 2018, 09:45 AM
Mar 2018

Chris Christie.

But not sure how much interaction he would have had with some of these people.

"between one unnamed witness" Botany Mar 2018 #1
Translation... orangecrush Mar 2018 #6
I'm thinking it may be Sam Nunberg Mr. Ected Mar 2018 #2
So many choices orangecrush Mar 2018 #7
Mueller never leaks anything PunksMom Mar 2018 #3
No doubt whatsoever orangecrush Mar 2018 #8
Yes. If it's from Mueller, it's intentional. Hortensis Mar 2018 #19
It's almost certaintly from the witness in question marylandblue Mar 2018 #31
Yes. Good party conversation for some. :) Hortensis Mar 2018 #33
Trump most likely is the leaker here Generic Brad Mar 2018 #11
I've also heard that it could be PRETZEL Mar 2018 #4
That would be an interesting twist orangecrush Mar 2018 #9
Not "like" a criminal enterprise. They ARE a criminal enterprise. Nitram Mar 2018 #5
If it walks like a duck.... orangecrush Mar 2018 #10
So that explains why he's quackers! eom Maeve Mar 2018 #14
... orangecrush Mar 2018 #23
I hope to hear mention of RICO charges beachbum bob Mar 2018 #12
that would replace orangecrush Mar 2018 #24
What keeps them zentrum Mar 2018 #13
No. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #15
Yes, and yet... zentrum Mar 2018 #16
Yeah, geek-on-geek violence. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #18
Very funny. n/t zentrum Mar 2018 #21
... orangecrush Mar 2018 #28
Criminal enterprise orangecrush Mar 2018 #29
handwritten material is a routine request marylandblue Mar 2018 #32
Yes cooperating witnesses will have to turn over paper materials. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #36
Good point! orangecrush Mar 2018 #25
NSA is clearly providing materials; that's evident in the indictment of 13 Russians. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #35
How successful will he be? kentuck Mar 2018 #17
These subpoenas are mostly going to go to 3rd parties. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #20
It looks to me orangecrush Mar 2018 #27
Is it possible he's sending signals to the repubs in congress! bluestarone Mar 2018 #22
that orangecrush Mar 2018 #26
Why isn't Jared on this list? marylandblue Mar 2018 #30
a lot of speculation on that orangecrush Mar 2018 #34
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