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Sounds like Bannon's plan lame54 Mar 2018 #1
Or cilla4progress Mar 2018 #2
Oh man that turns my stomach TEB Mar 2018 #3
Its the power of propaganda. poboy2 Mar 2018 #4
Yes. Billionaire funded propaganda sharedvalues Mar 2018 #9
And let's not forget they use Christianity as a tool in this effort, as well. Texin Mar 2018 #19
Yes. Interpellation (as per Althusser) at its finest pandr32 Mar 2018 #60
From Bernays "Propaganda", 1928: Ligyron Mar 2018 #45
Im glad I'm old Cartoonist Mar 2018 #5
Ill bring the ice tea TEB Mar 2018 #6
Me too... wcmagumba Mar 2018 #8
I May Be Old True Blue American Mar 2018 #58
I'm not that old, but when I hear people talking about prepping for nuclear war or similar disasters Neema Mar 2018 #13
I concur. It'd be like walking death. Zombie planet until the species dies off altogether. Texin Mar 2018 #21
Me too. TexasBushwhacker Mar 2018 #64
I'll be doing the same thing you are doing..... onecent Mar 2018 #15
Not me... defacto7 Mar 2018 #65
I agree 1000%. I can't see it improving short of doc03 Mar 2018 #7
2018 is going to be a blue wave. Resist! Vote! sharedvalues Mar 2018 #10
Sounds like the "scorched earth" theory that the far left "advocate" or "advocated in the past". Lil Missy Mar 2018 #11
I can't disagree with this at all. tymorial Mar 2018 #12
It also seems to me that fear is at the root of manipulation and control. Lint Head Mar 2018 #14
I felt the same way during the Bush years but then we got Obama. meadowlander Mar 2018 #16
I agree, and more people have to vote. Every generation has a cross-section of people vkkv Mar 2018 #31
Agree that the environment is key. Collimator Mar 2018 #40
good luck InformedElitist Mar 2018 #41
I hope this is the death knell of Republicanism; I fear it's the death knell of this nation. hedda_foil Mar 2018 #62
It goes back to Reagan and the destruction of the fairness doctrine dhol82 Mar 2018 #17
We are far beyond Fox News now... Fiendish Thingy Mar 2018 #25
That is correct - the money dhol82 Mar 2018 #49
imo we wasted the last big crisis shanny Mar 2018 #18
We didnt elect Donald Dumbass to jackShit... czarjak Mar 2018 #20
Thank you! Sheesh. What a downer OP. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2018 #26
I cant say I dont agree with you sometimes... MontanaMama Mar 2018 #22
Dark and gloomy post that I for one do not ascribe to. infullview Mar 2018 #23
Im with you! Life has always had a dark side. We need to cut through the propaganda. bettyellen Mar 2018 #34
The problem with that is it won't be the deplorables and white college revolutionaries that hurt KitSileya Mar 2018 #24
Maybe.. but there are SO MANY FORCES at work. Certain forces got Trump elected, other forces vkkv Mar 2018 #27
WAR and DEPRESSION is pure poetry to Republican's ears! BamaRefugee Mar 2018 #28
Second Civil War has been brewing since Reagan in Philadelphia, Mississippi... Moostache Mar 2018 #29
It upsets me not because its scary but because its passive. nolabear Mar 2018 #30
Actually, Trump's election and subsequent events have been sufficient. We don't need a war or a Nitram Mar 2018 #32
I agree with your assessment but I seriously doubt that it will change. It hasn't in my lifetime and walkingman Mar 2018 #33
A revolution? Maxheader Mar 2018 #35
The real problem DV1 Mar 2018 #36
It's the ignorance. It's not the naturally occurring kind... dchill Mar 2018 #37
remember that we are not descended from fearful men bronxiteforever Mar 2018 #38
The Susan Sarandon Theory TomCADem Mar 2018 #39
That's just nuts. Spacibo. nt JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2018 #42
You need to read more about the Great Depression and WWII Yavin4 Mar 2018 #43
Don't worry, we have television and the rest of the corporate media to keep us sleepy. jalan48 Mar 2018 #44
it's depressing InformedElitist Mar 2018 #46
I've had the same dreaded feeling for years EOM drmeow Mar 2018 #47
I agree, but I'm an optimist Poiuyt Mar 2018 #48
We're already in a great depression and nobody seems to care. Initech Mar 2018 #50
I know it looks bad. Christ Christie had an 80% approval before Bridgegate, he left office with 18% njhoneybadger Mar 2018 #51
Just when I think it's as bad Progressive dog Mar 2018 #52
You ain't seen nothing yet Boomer Mar 2018 #53
I don't think Americans in general are nearly as bad as you paint us. lark Mar 2018 #54
"I grew up in the 60s and 70s, that was a crazy era. But it made sense." Tarc Mar 2018 #55
I grew up in the 50's and 60's and you're right mountain grammy Mar 2018 #63
From what I can find with research, a great depression helps those with Ferrets are Cool Mar 2018 #56
it's deeper than that Locrian Mar 2018 #57
K&R. Truth! KY_EnviroGuy Mar 2018 #71
most of the history of war in america... tomp Mar 2018 #59
Democracy has failed us because Big Money wanted it to fail bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #61
You may just be right. defacto7 Mar 2018 #66
"We elected the biggest asshole in the country to be our president." area51 Mar 2018 #67
SMDH DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2018 #68
It's probably by design, but Americans have a very short memory ecstatic Mar 2018 #69
I Thought we were doomed under W. But I never felt this way then. bitterross Mar 2018 #70
Wow, what a depressing thread. So many defeatist duers. Smh. Tipperary Mar 2018 #72
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