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Tue Mar 13, 2018, 11:54 PM Mar 2018

Can You Settle For A Candidate Like Conor Lamb -- IF THAT WHAT IT TAKES - To Regain The U.S. House. [View all]

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Conor Lamb is Pro-Life, Gun-Friendly With Reasonable Restrictions and Fiscally Conservative. In MANY Congressional Districts Across The Nation, It Will Take A Conor Lamb Like Candidate to Win Against Any Given Republican.

Can You Settle For This Type of DEMOCRATIC Candidate - If It What It Takes To Win The U.S. House?

46 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Time expired
Yes, If This Would Make The #BlueWave Take Back The U.S. House
43 (93%)
No Way Ever! The Candidate Would Have To Be Ultra-Liberal Or Not Get My Vote
0 (0%)
Not Sure, Would Have To Study The Candidates' Position
3 (7%)
Would Make Sure This Type Of Candidate Is Primaried By A Liberal Candidate, Even If The Democrats Lose The Seat As A Result
0 (0%)
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sorta depends on whether or not he actually wins. nt msongs Mar 2018 #1
A far left candidate could not have created a horse race in this PA election BoneyardDem Mar 2018 #13
This. Dulcinea Mar 2018 #64
To a point. Draw the line at racism, hatred, warmongering, bashing poor, and a few other things. N/t Hoyt Mar 2018 #2
So if the repub wins you have all of those! wasupaloopa Mar 2018 #7
Yes. If a racist or sexist is going to hold the seat contested it will have to be a Republican. TeamPooka Mar 2018 #33
Point is, I can settle for a candidate like Lamb if that is what it takes to get someone who Hoyt Mar 2018 #50
Majority is important for two reasons: Committee chairs (investigations) & stopping R legislation. LonePirate Mar 2018 #3
I will never be a single issue voter... Wounded Bear Mar 2018 #4
Yes we must get back into the majority wasupaloopa Mar 2018 #5
I wish we could find a few more candidates like this in Wisconsin. n/t Still In Wisconsin Mar 2018 #6
You can arm twist your own easier when you have the majority eleny Mar 2018 #8
In Michigan... LovingA2andMI Mar 2018 #9
Depends on the District sacto95834 Mar 2018 #10
He is personally (Catholic) against abortion. We don't know about legislation BoneyardDem Mar 2018 #11
He is like Biden, Tim Kaine, the Kennedys and other Catholic Dems -- he is personally opposed pnwmom Mar 2018 #42
That is pro choice, so the OP is incorrect on that. treestar Mar 2018 #46
Right. The OP is wrong. All that matters is their public position pnwmom Mar 2018 #47
I wasn't sure how to read the op....seemed passive aggressive, maybe BoneyardDem Mar 2018 #71
That is exactly how legislation should be done BoneyardDem Mar 2018 #70
He stated unequicovally that he supports a woman's right to choose twice during the debates. PA Democrat Mar 2018 #52
It's as I thought, thank you for confirming BoneyardDem Mar 2018 #73
Yes, but it's a Catch-22... regnaD kciN Mar 2018 #12
Repubs have their moderates also, radius777 Mar 2018 #17
Of course, he's no Zell Miller. radius777 Mar 2018 #14
I remember when the republicans took the house in 2010 by mostly beating blue dogs. phleshdef Mar 2018 #15
Conor Lamb is pro-choice FakeNoose Mar 2018 #16
Personally, He Is Pro-Life... LovingA2andMI Mar 2018 #18
He has the Biden/Kaine position radius777 Mar 2018 #20
I.E. -- Personally Pro-Choice Does Not Mean A Candidate Will POLITICALLY Vote Against Choice... LovingA2andMI Mar 2018 #24
Keep digging in. LanternWaste Mar 2018 #61
Yes - he's anti-abortion but pro-choice EffieBlack Mar 2018 #32
He has ALREADY said he is pro-choice, just like Joe Biden. nt pnwmom Mar 2018 #43
No, that is NOT a FACT. His political position is PRO-CHOICE pnwmom Mar 2018 #48
That's part of being pro-choice Zambero Mar 2018 #66
+1. nt ecstatic Mar 2018 #22
I'll take 10 Lambs..... Historic NY Mar 2018 #19
In deep red Texas, they get rejected by Democrats. LeftInTX Mar 2018 #21
Of course! trump & the GOP are completely out of control ecstatic Mar 2018 #23
Why are you calling him pro life? GulfCoast66 Mar 2018 #25
That's actually accurate EffieBlack Mar 2018 #34
not even that. i would say they are ANTI Choice JI7 Mar 2018 #37
This Exotica Mar 2018 #39
He won't cut CHIPS, SS, Medicare MaryMagdaline Mar 2018 #26
He certainly checks enough boxes for me. NoMoreRepugs Mar 2018 #27
Not just Yes, but Hell Yes Hekate Mar 2018 #28
Yes!! Olafjoy Mar 2018 #29
Why is this even a question? Fascism is no fun. AgadorSparticus Mar 2018 #30
I didn't realize he was pro life, but he spent his time in the Marine Corps prosecuting cases smirkymonkey Mar 2018 #31
The OP is wrong.. Conor Lamb is Cha Mar 2018 #38
Hey Cha! smirkymonkey Mar 2018 #40
It's been Cha Mar 2018 #41
For you, Ms Smirky.. Cha Mar 2018 #45
I have read about him and I am confident that he is a good Democrat smirkymonkey Mar 2018 #60
I believe it's not just Biden NewJeffCT Mar 2018 #67
Thanks, Right.. I just thought Cha Mar 2018 #74
We have no choice. Remember what he was running for: the House of WHAT again? DFW Mar 2018 #35
That's What It Would Take for Adam Schiff to be Chairman and Control over Intelligence Committee JI7 Mar 2018 #36
He's not "pro-life" he's PRO-CHOICE. His personal religious view is irrelevant pnwmom Mar 2018 #44
It will take getting behind the primary winner. NCTraveler Mar 2018 #49
Ill take sane even with some disagreements. bullimiami Mar 2018 #51
Yes, and for 2020 dsp3000 Mar 2018 #53
What's his NRA rating? zipplewrath Mar 2018 #54
no wide eyed liberal could have won in this district EVER beachbum bob Mar 2018 #55
Excellent post. dsp3000 Mar 2018 #56
It's not "settling." I read his positions on all of those issues and he sounds very reasonable. GreenEyedLefty Mar 2018 #57
+1 grantcart Mar 2018 #72
The qualifier "If that is what it takes" is key I guess. el_bryanto Mar 2018 #58
Yes rock Mar 2018 #59
Reliable vote to impeach NotASurfer Mar 2018 #62
Conor Lamb is a Democratic politician, so yes. IluvPitties Mar 2018 #63
The party that forsakes the middle will be in the minority Zambero Mar 2018 #65
Your subject line sums it up perfectly. llmart Mar 2018 #69
Trump and his traitor party are a very real threat to freedom and democracy workinclasszero Mar 2018 #68
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