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Thu Apr 26, 2018, 08:33 PM Apr 2018

Amazon to raise Prime membership in US to $119 from $99 effective May 11, 2018 [View all]

The annual price of an Amazon Prime membership in the US is going up by 20 percent.

Amazon finance chief Brian Olsavsky said during an earnings call with analysts Thursday night that his company will hike Prime's fee to $119 a year, from $99, on May 11. The new price will apply to existing Prime members' renewals starting June 16. If your regular renewal is after June 16, you won't be allowed to prepay for another year at the currently lower rate, an Amazon spokeswoman said.

That increase is only the second time Amazon has increased the annual Prime membership since it was first introduced in 2005, with the company in 2014 raising the price to $99 from $79.

Despite those few increases, the boost to Prime's fee -- particularly above the psychologically significant $100 level -- could threaten future renewals and new Prime customers. Prime is one of Amazon's most important businesses, helping build loyal, repeat customers who tend to spend about twice as much with Amazon than non-Prime shoppers.


I think I'm done. The handling of this increase feels like a slap in the face. I get that dump45 cost them billions, but that's not my fault. Besides, didn't they also get a huge tax cut???? I don't really order much these days due to concerns about package theft or other hassles. The shipping is often more than 2 days. I am not really entangled in their other "benefits." How about you?
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I will keep membership
40 (70%)
I'm ending membership
7 (12%)
I've never been a member, and never will
5 (9%)
I was thinking about joining, but not anymore
2 (4%)
3 (5%)
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Dropped it at $99 manor321 Apr 2018 #1
A sucker is born every day! quartz007 Apr 2018 #2
Please explain your post. UPS, FedEx and USPS are the carriers Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #9
I wondered exactly that quartz007 Apr 2018 #24
Go to Amazon's website and view your Order's tracking info. ecstatic Apr 2018 #37
I will do that quartz007 Apr 2018 #42
Amazon fulfillment centers deliver in their own trucks Submariner Apr 2018 #105
But you still use it, eh? Iggo Apr 2018 #13
Negative... quartz007 Apr 2018 #25
You ordered something from eBay and Amazon delivered it? Iggo Apr 2018 #58
No offense, but I think you're confused as to what Amazon Prime is. n/t Captain Stern Apr 2018 #62
No offense taken since... quartz007 Apr 2018 #70
Uh, you realize that people re-use Amazon packaging to reship things? Blue_Adept Apr 2018 #72
In this case, there are only 2 labels on the box quartz007 Apr 2018 #74
Again, if it was something you purchase on ebay, the vendor re-used an amazon prime box to ship it Blue_Adept Apr 2018 #75
I can easily agree it could be a re-used box quartz007 Apr 2018 #90
Please read post #84 quartz007 Apr 2018 #92
You orders from eBay and the seller there ordered it off Amazon. tammywammy Apr 2018 #93
Yap, the seller drop shipped using Amazon quartz007 Apr 2018 #94
It's probably a drop shipper Bluesaph Apr 2018 #99
That's more arbitrage, not drop shipping. torius Apr 2018 #115
$12.00 a month is still worth it Tavarious Jackson Apr 2018 #55
Amazon Prime doesnt deliver packages. Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2018 #19
... Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #27
Wrong! Please read post #84 before quartz007 Apr 2018 #95
I had several packages come through UPS & Fedex quartz007 Apr 2018 #28
I would complain. That's not cool! ecstatic Apr 2018 #34
You didn't fill in the delivery instructions box? displacedtexan Apr 2018 #65
I buy mostly on eBay (375+ items so far) quartz007 Apr 2018 #73
I think your issue is with ebay sellers using Amazon Fulfillment shipping displacedtexan Apr 2018 #100
We get a number of Amazon packages delivered in mini vans with an Amazon logo on the side eleny Apr 2018 #84
You are one of few... Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2018 #85
We're just west of Denver eleny Apr 2018 #86
Here in Central Florida, it's mostly USPS and UPS delivering Amazon packages... Dr Hobbitstein Apr 2018 #87
We're often given the option to pick up our items ourselves eleny Apr 2018 #89
UPS & Fedex offer the same option as well quartz007 Apr 2018 #96
I didn't know this, thx! eleny Apr 2018 #97
Lockers are located throughout the country crazycatlady Apr 2018 #103
I never thought about using Lockers to return items eleny Apr 2018 #109
I've returned things for various reasons crazycatlady Apr 2018 #114
I found one nearby eleny Apr 2018 #116
It's like a PO box system crazycatlady Apr 2018 #118
There aren't any lockers here at our Post Office station eleny Apr 2018 #119
I doubt they have a contract with the PO for lockers crazycatlady Apr 2018 #120
We have Amazon delivery in the DFW area too. tammywammy Apr 2018 #88
I just got notified that a purchase will be delivered here tomorrow, Sunday eleny Apr 2018 #112
You can tell by the tracking number. tammywammy Apr 2018 #123
Thank you..Thank YOU SO MUCH for quartz007 Apr 2018 #91
Maybe you can do a phone call with Amazon service about this eleny Apr 2018 #110
What? You can gift memberships if you yourself have a prime account? This would be a great Kirk Lover Apr 2018 #124
I don't live on a third floor but the stuff I order from Amazon Prime ooky Apr 2018 #39
Indeed it was delivered in 2 days..speed surprised me quartz007 Apr 2018 #43
I've gotten Amazon deliveries same day IronLionZion Apr 2018 #63
Ummm... all my Amazon Prime orders come UPS or USPS.... Adrahil Apr 2018 #68
I don't know which service delivered it! quartz007 Apr 2018 #71
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2018 #113
I order enough stuff from them that I'd still save money on shipping The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2018 #3
Same here. I use video a lot and I live in a doorman building so it's very convenient for me. smirkymonkey Apr 2018 #21
So it doesn't bother you how abruptly they're increasing ecstatic Apr 2018 #40
I'd prefer they hadn't done it that way, but they offer a service that is useful to me The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2018 #41
So Prime will cost $142.80/yr in 2022 dalton99a Apr 2018 #4
Since I'm on food stamps I only pay $5.99/now for Prime so it's a no-brainer for me to keep it. elocs Apr 2018 #5
How do you get out for that cheap? Is it through food stamps/snap or Amazon? uppityperson Apr 2018 #49
Millions of people are now eligible to get Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month Exotica Apr 2018 #51
Thank you uppityperson Apr 2018 #59
"Amazon offers discounts on Amazon Prime fees to recipients of EBT funds and, now, Medicaid." elocs Apr 2018 #67
will try without, getting too expensive Amishman Apr 2018 #6
I'll keep my membership crazycatlady Apr 2018 #7
I don't know what our cut-off price will be. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #8
I've spoken with several people who are elderly ... LenaBaby61 Apr 2018 #10
i am Senior and get 800 a month SS. I can't afford increase but NEED prime. Shipping trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #11
I also am a retired senior getting $800/month SS and pay just $5.99/month for Prime elocs Apr 2018 #32
hubby's SS is more than mine. we don't qualify for a lower price Prime. trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #47
they are right about the psychological impact of raising it above $100 hlthe2b Apr 2018 #12
I read some of the comments, the price increase is significant for some. Blue_true Apr 2018 #14
Im debating if I will renew the membership. badhair77 Apr 2018 #15
100,000,000 million Prime members by $20 bucks rurallib Apr 2018 #16
Easy way.. Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #17
Free shipping, two day delivery, tavernier Apr 2018 #23
I get it. Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #29
My renewal is May 17 so I guess I'll keep it another year. milestogo Apr 2018 #18
You might be in the clear for this year. I think ecstatic Apr 2018 #30
I was a member but didn't buy enough to justify continuing it mvd Apr 2018 #20
Love my Prime Bennies. tavernier Apr 2018 #22
I'm a Prime member for the Amazon TV shows.The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is worth it alone TeamPooka Apr 2018 #26
They sell the Kirkland brand OTC medication, so it's saved us from buying a Costco card. sarcasmo Apr 2018 #33
I use Amazon streaming site on my Roku, so the price is still a good value. sarcasmo Apr 2018 #31
As it is, they jack up the prices of Prime products. I wont renew. Sampan Apr 2018 #35
Ill still be saving a ton in shipping Codeine Apr 2018 #36
Amazon is offering a discount on Prime for people on government assistance elocs Apr 2018 #38
Why? Bezos and shareholders aren't making enough? KPN Apr 2018 #44
i'm good with that NatBurner Apr 2018 #45
I will gladly pay the exrta 20 to keep my Amazon Prime Saboburns Apr 2018 #46
Its really worth it for me. Ginger Snapped Apr 2018 #48
welcome to DU gopiscrap Apr 2018 #125
Worth every penny, yortsed snacilbuper Apr 2018 #50
I renewed at the low rate... Historic NY Apr 2018 #52
I live way out in the country - so I will definitely keep my membership womanofthehills Apr 2018 #53
drumpf's whining about USPS shipping costs just gave Amazon a democratisphere Apr 2018 #54
That is a large percentage increase Sherman A1 Apr 2018 #56
Still worth it, especially if you take advantage. Atman Apr 2018 #57
First year when I bought that option it was $75 bucks maybe 3-4 years ago. Bengus81 Apr 2018 #60
Think about an option on your poll for those who had it but dumped it with the first increase? Bengus81 Apr 2018 #61
Prime is one of the best values out there IronLionZion Apr 2018 #64
Amazon Prime Student is still only $49/year. LAGC Apr 2018 #66
love Amazon Prime - will be keeping it DrDan Apr 2018 #69
My wife uses it a lot underpants Apr 2018 #76
Staples plus bulk; and subscriptions. It's eliminated my BJ's Wholesale need. Blue_Adept Apr 2018 #78
Our poor UPS guy underpants Apr 2018 #80
Subscribe and Save for the win. X_Digger Apr 2018 #81
Most of ours too underpants Apr 2018 #82
streaming music, streaming video, free shipping - still a bargain. KG Apr 2018 #77
there are better options. ginnyinWI Apr 2018 #107
When there are specific shows you want Blue_Adept Apr 2018 #117
Do the math matt819 Apr 2018 #79
bookmarking to use when someone posts about Amazon's labor abuses. nt Dreamer Tatum Apr 2018 #83
Worth it. The prime movies are pretty good. The series"Bosch" is excellent and worth the price. Liberal In Texas Apr 2018 #98
Amazon is killing retail malls ... oh, and jobs. YOHABLO Apr 2018 #101
Retail malls haven't sold the things I buy for well over a decade now Blue_Adept Apr 2018 #106
With Prime, we get free shipping and free shows/movies. yardwork Apr 2018 #102
We quit a few years ago, and you know what? ginnyinWI Apr 2018 #104
No they don't need to raise it! samplegirl Apr 2018 #108
My wife has a Prime Account. We both use it. MineralMan Apr 2018 #111
Dumped them already, after getting screwed on a return. miyazaki Apr 2018 #121
I've never had a problem with Amazon returns and have found them quite easy. elocs Apr 2018 #127
We'll renew ours for two reasons mtnsnake Apr 2018 #122
For me Amazon Prime is well worth it. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2018 #126
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