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Response to ollie10 (Reply #14)

Flint still doesnt have clean water ... Fullduplexxx Apr 2018 #1
AND, they're no longer being provided bottled water. Amimnoch Apr 2018 #34
And Puerto Rico still doesn't have power. Fla Dem Apr 2018 #71
3,000 Towns Have Water Systems With More/The Same Amount Lead That Flint Has PaulX2 Apr 2018 #84
And Trump, Sanders and the majority of the folks Trump brought into the swamp STILL LIE usaf-vet Apr 2018 #86
I like David Jolly's tweet about this issue...... riversedge Apr 2018 #2
Thanks rivers! Cha Apr 2018 #5
David, not "their witnessing", it's "they're witnessing" you idiot. longship Apr 2018 #12
If spell check doesn't cover it then it must be OK lunatica Apr 2018 #58
He probably dictated his statement into a computer. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #104
Okay, but disagree about language changing in this case. longship Apr 2018 #121
Spelling is a part of language. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #125
"Their" is in no sense a verb. longship Apr 2018 #127
Yah, well English itself is a really bad version of Latin and German all mixed up Sophia4 Apr 2018 #128
You still cannot have a sentence without a fucking verb!! longship Apr 2018 #130
What I am pointing out is that rules change. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #134
Well, let me just say that I am done here. longship Apr 2018 #135
BUT THAT RULE HASN"T !!!!! Iggo Apr 2018 #144
True. But it is in the process of changing unless perhaps technology somehow Sophia4 Apr 2018 #145
May be bad English xxqqqzme Apr 2018 #142
So is substituting "to" for "too" longship May 2018 #148
The solution is to lose the apostrophe chwaliszewski May 2018 #146
That may be. longship May 2018 #147
You mean 'too' difficult. chwaliszewski May 2018 #149
It was as abrasive and raspy as the Trump administration has been to everything American bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #3
So we are now aspiring to be like Trump? ollie10 Apr 2018 #11
Drumpf & Co. needs to be smacked down. longship Apr 2018 #15
People aren't talking about Trump as a result of her skit ollie10 Apr 2018 #17
Your "concern" is noted. DinahMoeHum Apr 2018 #24
I hope so ollie10 Apr 2018 #25
Good catch. MontanaMama Apr 2018 #81
:D C Moon Apr 2018 #132
Do you understand that you give Wolf enormous power ehrnst Apr 2018 #59
Maybe you should try not putting words into other people's mouths ollie10 Apr 2018 #61
Have you been watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press conferences? Sophia4 Apr 2018 #106
I agree w/ you on the description of SHS...she's a self-centered religious snob and a nut to boot... SWBTATTReg Apr 2018 #112
Thats a different way of looking at it. Hadn't thought of that. 7962 Apr 2018 #141
That Ship Sailed, Long Ago ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #16
I think Michelle Obama's words were great ollie10 Apr 2018 #18
did she kill someone when I wasn't looking? n/t woundedkarma Apr 2018 #28
"Please give me an example for when going high when they go low has achieved anything...." ollie10 Apr 2018 #31
Please give me an example of where a female comedian did as much harm to civil rights ehrnst Apr 2018 #48
high ground vs low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #52
Which side are you on that you compare a bistering, brilliant satire with violence in the streets? ehrnst Apr 2018 #60
Do you have a problem with me answering a question ollie10 Apr 2018 #64
Here is the question again: ehrnst Apr 2018 #72
No need to continue ollie10 Apr 2018 #75
Giving up? ehrnst Apr 2018 #77
If you were interested in civil conversation, that would be productive ollie10 Apr 2018 #80
Once again, you tell me you are not going to "continue to discuss this with me" ehrnst Apr 2018 #117
You missed the "in the last quarter century" part. Demit Apr 2018 #65
So what? ollie10 Apr 2018 #68
You couldn't give an example, and tried to equate your position on a woman comic with MLK. ehrnst Apr 2018 #74
there is no need to continue our discussion ollie10 Apr 2018 #85
This is what, the 5th time you've said that you are "ending the discussion." ehrnst Apr 2018 #126
So you didn't answer the question as posed. Demit Apr 2018 #82
I was asked to give one example of high ground being more prodictive than low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #83
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #89
You are so civil ollie10 Apr 2018 #91
Tell it to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #108
I agree ollie10 Apr 2018 #115
You changed the definition of "going low" ehrnst Apr 2018 #122
MLK's high ground could have never happened without the low ground. kwassa Apr 2018 #131
So Many Of These Issues Have Their Ancestry In Nixon DallasNE Apr 2018 #96
Indeed. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #114
MLK Jr Died in 1968 ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #87
And his words are still true today ollie10 Apr 2018 #88
Nobody Said Otherwise ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #90
No, I answered the question with a good example ollie10 Apr 2018 #95
A Asked For An Example In The LAST QUARTER CENTURY. . . ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #97
Michelle Obama is not a comedian. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #109
high road sometimes gets better results than low results ollie10 Apr 2018 #110
So Obama laughed and hugged Larry Wilmore used the N-word at the press dinner in 2016. ehrnst Apr 2018 #119
And what words did he use that relate to Michelle Wolf? ehrnst Apr 2018 #118
Michelle Obama's words - do you mean that she said Barack always "went high" even ehrnst Apr 2018 #120
I think that most people who look at what MLK accomplished acknowledge Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2018 #129
When was the last time moral high ground worked for you? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #26
MLK Jr advocated non-violent civil disobedience ollie10 Apr 2018 #29
No one is advocating violence here bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #33
The question/issue was taking the moral high ground vs ollie10 Apr 2018 #38
You're worried about taking the low ground against traitors???? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #41
"friendly yet abrasive" ollie10 Apr 2018 #49
Certainly as friendly as you bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #54
Isn't that what DT's fans love about him? ehrnst Apr 2018 #55
So, what do you think about Steven Colbert's comedy? ehrnst Apr 2018 #42
I love Colbert ollie10 Apr 2018 #46
He doubled down on it. He refused to apologize. ehrnst Apr 2018 #51
you are not being fair ollie10 Apr 2018 #57
I think I'm the one being fair in this discussion. ehrnst Apr 2018 #67
These are jokes we are talking about. MontanaMama Apr 2018 #93
So women have more of a responsibility to maintain the moral high ground ehrnst Apr 2018 #47
Didn't say that ollie10 Apr 2018 #50
So why is Colbert your hero after he called DT "a cockholster for Putin" ehrnst Apr 2018 #53
You Are Talking About Wolf Because You Have Choosen To Talk About Wolf DallasNE Apr 2018 #99
No, I believe YOU brought up her weight ollie10 Apr 2018 #100
THERE'S A TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #101
You have no reading comprehension DallasNE Apr 2018 #102
Who is advocating violence? ehrnst Apr 2018 #37
the issue was high ground vs low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #40
A bit hyperbolic, don't you think ehrnst Apr 2018 #44
Beginning to think you are a right wing talking point peddler. JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #56
Really? You don't think it was the fear of the Black Panther Party? Oppaloopa Apr 2018 #92
Comparing those who support Wolf with those who opposed MLK. ehrnst May 2018 #150
You sound very much like the Right Wingers who are clutching their pearls over this. ehrnst Apr 2018 #39
Colbert is my hero ollie10 Apr 2018 #43
OK, so Colbert calling DT "a cock holster for Putin" ehrnst Apr 2018 #45
You seem to be unfamiliar with satire. ehrnst Apr 2018 #63
Well, you got the flaming thing down pat! ollie10 Apr 2018 #66
What are you talking about? "Flaming?" ehrnst Apr 2018 #73
It was a comedy show. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #105
I have a two year old and a six year old at home. haele Apr 2018 #111
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #4
Pro-life Republicans njcpa1978 Apr 2018 #7
I am pro-choice ollie10 Apr 2018 #9
You certainly don't have much faith in pro-choice intellect, do you? ehrnst Apr 2018 #35
I agree with you and I'm Duppers Apr 2018 #103
She knew exactly who her audience is. She was pulling a Steven Colbert with the abortion reference. ehrnst Apr 2018 #10
Yes, she set back the pro-choice movement ollie10 Apr 2018 #14
Do you hear yourself? Squinch Apr 2018 #21
yes ollie10 Apr 2018 #23
No, you don't. You are setting back pro-choice... woundedkarma Apr 2018 #32
Who is going to believe that other than someone who is already anti-choice? ehrnst Apr 2018 #27
Are you a troll here to gaslight? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #30
Definitely a troll. JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #62
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #69
No. She didn't. lunatica Apr 2018 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author Squinch Apr 2018 #107
OK, I'll bite -tell us how she "set back the pro-choice movement." ehrnst Apr 2018 #116
The HUGE BIGLEY difference is maxrandb Apr 2018 #19
You don't know that she's on the Daily Show, so "nobody has heard of her." ehrnst Apr 2018 #76
Stupid Stockholm Syndrome WHPC Cha Apr 2018 #6
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Apr 2018 #8
K&R HAB911 Apr 2018 #13
Which means Wolf did a better job of defending the First Amendment..." Javaman Apr 2018 #20
k&r bigtree Apr 2018 #22
DU rec...nt SidDithers Apr 2018 #36
They wanted a pussy but got a Wolf, lol nt onlyadream Apr 2018 #78
Well played... MontanaMama Apr 2018 #94
The trumpets can dish it out, but they just can't take it. dubyadiprecession Apr 2018 #79
Michelle Wolf has her own show. S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #98
Thanks for the link! nt SunSeeker Apr 2018 #124
I liked and appreciated Ms. Wolf's jokes Gothmog Apr 2018 #113
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2018 #123
K&R Scurrilous Apr 2018 #133
Small wonder WAPO is off the WH Xmas card list. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2018 #136
Boink. Scurrilous Apr 2018 #137
If this were any other Administration, I'd say maybe Wolf went too far Wiccan Priest Apr 2018 #138
No shit BlueJac Apr 2018 #139
BRAVO orangecrush Apr 2018 #140
We must take back our republic. PatrickforO Apr 2018 #143
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